EPIK Arrival Guide: From A to Z

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EPIK Arrival Guide: From A to Z

Now you need to have the FINAL CHECKLIST for preparing your EPIK Arrival through Korvia.

This is an exciting time for EPIK arrivers. Can’t wait to fly into the sky! Your new adventure officially starts right from here!

To help you get started with all your hopes and dreams, this guide was created for those who are about to enter Korea to serve as a Native English Teacher through EPIK. (A real commitment!)

This post will cover most essentials you need to prepare for your arrival.

1. Is your work visa ready?

Please ensure that the visa arrives in time for your departure. Confirm the status of your visa application with your local Korean embassy, frequently.

2. Did you book your flight, yet?

Please make sure to keep the receipt for your flight or your boarding pass. You need to submit at least one of them to your school as proof in order to get an entry allowance. (or get a reimbursement for your flight)

  • If you are still exploring flight options and your flights depart from the US or Canada, please follow the link provided for a great deal.
  • If you already purchased the air ticket, please submit your flight information to us through the link provided.

Submit your Flight information HERE!

3. Did you apply for the certificate of residence?

You need this form to claim tax relief in Korea for the first 2 years. If your request is taking longer than anticipated, please have the certificate mailed to our Korvia office. Get on with it now than ever. Once it arrives, we will contact you first and post it at your school.

Residency Certificate Guideline

4. Did you sign up for the prepaid sim-card?

Don’t forget to use the promotion code when submitting your application.

5. Did you know you can open a Korean bank account before you settle in?

Yes, there is a way, indeed. Korvia stepped up our game and as part of our package deal, we now offer professional assistance in setting up your very first bank account with KEB Hana Bank, one of the leading banks in Korea.

Read our article first before you commit yourself to this tempting offer. https://www.korvia.com/kebhana-bank-account-korea-after-sign-up/

6. Where are you going to stay upon arrival? Did you arrange your temporary accommodation?

If you are still contemplating, here is our recommendation. Korvia has teamed up with Kimchee Guesthouse. If you are staying at our partner guesthouse, you will exclusively get a 20% discount on your purchase.

Find out more about Kimchee Guesthouse Korvia Discount.

If you have already gone through the booking process and got yourself a room, please submit the address of the accommodation and contacts through the link below.

Submit your accommodation address HERE!

8. Did you pack everything you are supposed to bring to Korea?

How about the original teaching certificate, extra passport photos, sealed transcripts (if you are going to move to another new job), the certificate of residency?

8. Did you sign up for the Korvia EPIK pre-orientation?

We want to meet you not only at our Korvia party. We will help you to prepare better than any other teachers. Cell phone plans and opening a new bank account are the most headaches for new teachers.

Why Korvia Pre-orientation?

  1. You get a wealth of expert knowledge and first-hand experience from Korvia Staff.
  2. You can connect with new EPIK teachers before the EPIK orientation.
  3. You can open your KEBHANA Bank account for your first salary and entry allowance.
  4. You can get your a PREPAID SIM card for your calls & internet
  5. You can explore and make the most of the opportunities in downtown BUSAN!
  6. During our session, refreshments are free! (Snacks, sweets, drinks and the like!)

Why should I arrive early?

  1. You need some time of your own to relax and rest up before the BIG EPIK orientation.
  2. BUSAN! Life means nothing if you don’t get out there and enjoy yourself in one of the biggest cities in Korea.
  3. Korvia Welcoming Package: We offer a full package only to Korvia Recruits.
  4. Most strikingly, these days, anything can happen without fair warning. That includes major airlines losing luggage more than often so to save yourself a lot of trouble, please arrive a day or two earlier.
    *Please avoid Chinese airlines if you will land on the same day of orientation. We experience a high chance of luggage lost.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times.


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Started in 2006, Korvia Consulting is one of the premiere recruiting agencies in South Korea. Korvia works directly with the Korean government to places native English teachers into ESL positions at public schools in Korea.

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