Teach English in Korea

Teach English in Korea, one of the most secure and time-tested learning environments.

Why should you teach English in Korea?

Teach English in Korea, working at Public school teaching programs in Korea offer contractual employment with benefits and salary-backed by the Korean government, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about your contract being cut short or being paid late. Korvia recruits for some of the biggest public school programs in Korea such as EPIK, GEPIK, SMOE, GOE, and more!

Korvia has a longstanding reputation in the Korean ESL community as one of the most trusted and recommended agencies for finding great ESL positions in South Korea. We’ve placed thousands of teachers over the years and hope to give many others the chance to teach English in one of the most dynamic countries in South Korea as well. It’s great to be a Korvian!

Choose from one of these great programs!

EPIK is a public school English teaching program in Korea sponsored by the Korean government that places teachers into various cities as well as provinces around South Korea. EPIK is the most inclusive English program and has the most location choices out of all the teaching programs in Korea. Applicants have the option of choosing both their preference for a school level (elementary, middle, high school) as well as a location.

  • The National Program
  • The Most Locations Across Korea
  • Mass Program Recruitment Basis
  • Fall & Spring Intake Dates

GEPIK is a public school English teaching program that serves the Gyeonggi province exclusively. The program is sponsored by the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education as well as individual offices of education inside the province. The GEPIK program operates on an individual school recruiting basis, which means you know exactly where you’re going before you arrive. GEPIK is one of the most popular teaching programs as it’s suburban lifestyle and proximity to Seoul make it easy for individuals to live comfortable yet active lifestyles.

  • The Suburbs of the Capital City
  • Individual School Recruitment Basis
  • Fall & Spring Intake Dates
  • Experienced Teachers Preferred

SMOE stands for the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and is a public school English teaching program that places teachers directly into the capital of Seoul. SMOE is one of the most popular and competitive programs in Korea due to its urban and large international appeal. SMOE is also referred to as EPIK-Seoul, with applicants using the EPIK application form and filling out additional paperwork to be considered for SMOE. Once admitted into the SMOE program, applicants will be distributed randomly to areas around Seoul.

  • Live in the Capital City of Korea
  • Mass Program Recruitment Basis
  • Fall & Spring Intake Dates
  • New & Experienced Teachers Welcome

GOE stands for the Gyeonnam Office of Education and is a public school English teaching program run by the Gyeongsangnam-do provincial government and places teachers directly into the areas surrounding the popular city of Busan. GOE accepts applications from teachers year-round, meaning that you don’t have to worry about missing a certain intake to be accepted. Teachers of the program receive all the standard teaching benefits plus enjoy the highest starting salary of all the programs. GOE is great for those that love the outdoors and want to experience the most beautiful sights and nature in Korea.

  • Live Outside the Coastal City of Busan
  • Individual School Recruitment Basis
  • Year-Round Start Dates
  • Highest Starting Salary Levels

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