Why Shenzhen

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Why teaching job in Shenzhen City?

Shenzhen (深圳) is located in the south of Guangdong province facing the border with Hong Kong. It is a strategic location where you can travel easily to other Asian countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand. Shenzhen is the most popular tourist’s destination and it is called as “Silicon Valley” of China.

Why should you use Korvia to apply to Shenzhen teaching jobs?

Korvia is an official partner of the SDE Teachers program. SDE International Education is an international education solution provider. Its establishment is well supported by Shenzhen municipal government and educational departments with an aim to promote educational communication between China and the rest of world; to facilitate development and innovation of China’s education by enhancing cooperation between overseas and domestic educational institutions. Korvia also guides candidates throughout the process and prepare all the documentation needed, giving applicants an edge over candidates who aren’t informed.

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