Education is one of the primary objectives and foci in modern Korean society. Private academies offer commercial out-of-school education to help students develop and fine tune their English language skills.

Teachers looking to teach in well organized environments crafted for optimal learning and reception will be thrilled to work at private academies. Not only are academies located in some of the most popular areas around South Korea, but they also offer competitive pay and accommodations located in the heart of cities.

Korvia works hard to ensure the quality of contracts and facilities. We are partners with some of the biggest franchises and academies to ensure the best teaching experiences possible.

Partners & Friends

Korvia Partnering Academies

We pride ourselves in working with exceptional academies and institutes around South Korea to help raise the educational level of Korean students around the country.

Here are just some of the institutes that Korvia is partners with:

Teach. Learn. Thrive.

Why Teachers Prefer Academies

Jumpstart Your ESL Career

No Experience Necessary

With a set-curriculum and pre-built lesson plans, private academies are a great way to jump right into teaching and gain experience as an ESL educator in Korea!

Korvia is looking for those that have a desire to motivate, challenge, and inspire!

Teach a Variety of Different Ages

From children to adults, teach the age group that is the best match for you!

What Our

Teachers Say

Why Korvia teachers like working at private academies!

“Working at a private academy is great because every day is different. In the mornings I teach kindergarten and in the afternoon I teach primary and middle school students. The varying ages of my students keeps me on my toes and allows me to implement a variety of teaching techniques.”
Bryan, Korvia Academy Teacher
“Working at a private academy has allowed me to really make a connection with my students and cater to their specific needs. The small class sizes, my wonderful co-workers, and the later starting time have made my time working here nothing short of exceptional!”
Kelly, Korvia Academy Teacher
“I enjoy working at a private academy because we can tailor our lessons to the students’ needs since we do not have to follow the public school curriculum. I also enjoy the small class sizes, which lead to more personalized, comfortable interactions between me and my students.”
Michael, Korvia Academy Teacher
“I really enjoy working at my private academy because of the community it built around me as soon as I moved to Korea. There were many English speakers who helped me navigate living in a new country.”
Natalie, Korvia Academy Teacher