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ETEN English (Meten Education Group) was founded in 2006 and they are a leading language training institute with over 100 learning centers across China. Meten Education Group head offices in Beijing and Shenzhen as well as international offices in New York and Los Angeles. Meten Education Group provide various programs including Meten General English, Meten Standardized Tests Preparations, Meten Overseas Services, Meten Preparatory Academy (G7-12), Meten VIP Online.

Korvia is an official partner of Meten Education Group. Meten has over 100 language centers across China and Korvia help guide candidates through the process and prepare all the documentation needed, giving you an edge over candidates who aren’t informed.

The National Program in China

Meten has over 100 learning centers located in 27 cities throughout China.

Locations all across China!

Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing! All are locations covered by the Meten English!

New & Experienced Teachers

Both experienced and in-experienced English teachers are welcome to apply to teach with the Meten English!

No Experience Necessary!

Those without any teaching experience but have a passion are more than welcome in these programs, making it a great way to jump-start your teaching career!

Great working environment

Modern learning centers with relaxed settings to embrace multicultural learning.

Every center is built with style and function

All centers are equipped with café-style coffee bars, activity clubs, reading rooms as well as mini-movie theaters in addition to all purpose classrooms.

Teacher Training Program

On-job training: Twice a month(Regional and National)

Pre-job training: Induction Camp(5-7days)

Online Mandarin lesson once a week for teachers and Professional Training &Teaching Seminar: Usually for trainer position, 2-3 times a year

The most extensive locations

Meten centres are located in downtown business districts and shopping malls, are equipped with modern facilities like computer banks, coffee bars, cinemas and provide lounge areas for students and teachers to catch up and relax between classes. Starting in the afternoon means no more morning commute and days off during the week mean you no longer have to battle those weekend crowds.

Less Worry, More things to do

One of the best parts about living in China is undoubtedly the food. It varies from province to province and probably won’t look much like the food from your local take away. The low cost for a good meal is a strong selling point for new teachers. We bet you will fall in love with ‘real’ Chinese food.

With the cost of living in China so low its likely, you will have the disposable income to spend on leisure activities. Most cities will have a huge range of possibilities. From expat football or soccer, movies or massages you should be able to find ways to relax in your free time.

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Living in China

Teaching in China is not just about the job, you want to explore the country, see the culture, visit the monuments and befriend the people. With Meten you will have time for all that with our generous holiday allowance and your local students to show you around and give you the inside track.

Teach With Meten!

With over 100 centres across 27 cities it doesn’t matter if you are looking for the buzz of a big metropolitan city or something a little bit more authentic, we have something for you. Right now we have positions across China from Beijing in the North to Kunming in the South.

The METEN Process | Korvia by Your Side

The program application process is simple. Korvia is here to guide you through every step so that you’re never lost along the application process. From the application stage to applying for your visa Korvia is by your side every step of the way!

Learn more about the METEN Process >

Get Informed About METEN English

From required documents to contract details, there’s a lot of stuff to learn about the Meten English! Korvia is here to help you make the right choice, but for those that want to learn more on their own, we recommend getting started here!

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