Experience Life in the Suburbs of the Capital City


EPIK is a public school English teaching program that serves the Gyeonggi province exclusively. The program is sponsored by the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education as well as individual offices of education inside the province. The GEPIK program operates on an individual school recruiting basis, which means you know exactly where you’re going before you arrive. This is one of the most popular teaching programs as it’s suburban lifestyle and proximity to Seoul make it easy for individuals to live comfortable yet active lifestyles.

Korvia is an official partner of the program and has been awarded “Distinguished Partner” status for 9 years in a row. Korvia is the largest recruiter for the GEPIK program and has the most positions out of any recruiting agency in South Korea. This means that we’re not only confident we’ll find you something you’ll love but can also provide you the best tips and advice for being at the top of your game during the application process.

Life in the Suburbs of Seoul

For those that want all the comforts of the suburbs with the proximity to Seoul, GEPIK is the teaching program and for you.

Over 30 different cities and areas!

Both Metropolitan and Non-Urban locations are available!

Experienced Teachers Preferred

The GEPIK program prefers individuals that already have teaching experience in Korea or in an ESL environment.

Looking to Transfer from a Hagwon to GEPIK?

Korvia has services to help those wishing to make the switch from a hagwon to the GEPIK Program. Contact us for more information!

Individual School Recruitment Basis

With GEPIK, individuals interview with different schools directly and don't apply to mass-intake program to be distributed to a location.

Know where you're going before you send everything!

Instead of sending in all your paperwork first and waiting to find out if you’ve made the cut, GEPIK candidates don’t send in their paperwork until their position is secured.

Fall & Spring Starting Dates

GEPIK program applicants have the option of either starting September 1st or March 1st during the academic school year.


Can’t make a sharp March 1st or September 1st start date? Fear not! Late start positions are also available!

Connected: Rapid Metropolitan Transit

Being a part of the greater Seoul Metropolitan Area has its perks: direct and rapid public transportation around the entire province, whether it be by city bus, express bus, or the iconic 500-station Seoul subway.

Learn more about GEPIK Locations >

Korean Subway
Subway Station

Dynamic Schools in the Most Dynamic Province

Gyeonggi-do is one of the most rapidly growing provinces in the country. The schools focus on helping students achieve excellence and new things through a variety of intuitive educational trends and start-up programs.

Learn more about GEPIK Teaching Duties >

Korean Elementary School
EPIK 2015 Payscale

Automatic Enrollment in Korvia Total Care

Becoming a Korvia GEPIK Teacher automatically enrolls you in Korvia Total Care, a service designed to bring you maximum comfort during your stay in Korea. The amount of benefits make Total Care totally worth it.

Learn more about GEPIK Benefits >

  • Free Airport Pick-up Service
  • Korvia Party Invitations
  • Discounts at SayKimchi.kr
  • And Lots More!

Make the Switch from Hagwon to Public School

Currently at a Hagwon and want to make the jump to the public school program? No problem! Korvia helps private industry teachers make the switch to public school programs all throughout the year and has guides and expertise to help you through the process.

Learn more about GEPIK Eligibility >


Get the Job | The Korvia Advantage

With the program’s unique individual school recruiting basis, Korvia introduced the Self-Introduction Video to the Korean ESL market as a way to give our candidates an advantage over other applicants and give them the best chance of landing an interview with their dream school.

Learn more about the Self-Introduction Video >

GEPIK Self Introduction Video

Learn More About GEPIK

Be the best candidate you can be! We’ve compiled and written all the information you need to succeed with the GEPIK program.


Get to know all about the GEPIK contract with information at Korvia-GEPIK that outlines your salary, working hours, vacation time, and more! Being as up to date as possible will ensure more confidence when you head into the job.

Learn more about the GEPIK Contract >

  • 1-Year Contract
  • Mon-Fri | 8:40 AM – 4:40 PM
  • 22 Teaching Hours Per Week
  • National Holidays & Paid Leave


Being an English teacher in South Korea is not an easy task! The lessons, curriculum, and day to day routines that you as a teacher create at school can have a lasting effect on your students. Be prepared!

Learn more about GEPIK Teaching Duties >

  • Prepare teaching materials
  • Assist your co-teacher in teaching English
  • Assist with extracurricular activities
  • Create testing materials and new curriculum

Using Korvia to apply to GEPIK is easy! After a brief Skype interview, one of our Korvia Recruiting Specialists will guide you through the entire application process and then present you to different schools that are a good match for you!

Learn more about the GEPIK Application Documents >

  • Skype Interview with Korvia Recruiting Specialist
  • Submit Application Documents to your Recruiter
  • That’s it!


[/fusion_builder_row_inner]After a school becomes interested in you and wants to seal the deal, you’ll need to submit all the necessary paperwork to your school so that you can start applying for your visa to come to Korea to start teaching!

Learn more about GEPIK Required Documents >

  • Apostilled Bachelor’s Diploma
  • Apostilled National Criminal Background Check
  • University Transcripts
  • Plus Others

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