Korvia EPIK Pre-Orientation

EPIK Spring 2020 Orientation Schedule

Team 1 19th~26th February 2020
Team 2 20th~27th February 2020

*Korvia Pre-orientation on 18th February 2020
*Please try to schedule your flight before 18th February 2020

Korvia-EPIK Pre-Orientation is a one-day orientation designed to prepare newly hired EPIK teachers for the life in Korea prior to the EPIK orientation. It is more of a Korvia thing.

By attending the Korvia EPIK Pre-Orientation, you will be able to,

Korvia Welcoming Package

This is our little gratitude towards your works and the efforts. The Korvia package will help you to make an easy start to settling down upon your arrival in South Korea.

  • Korea Tour guide
  • International traveller plug adaptor
  • Korvia Eco Bag
  • Korvia Waterbottle and many more!

Pre-orientation Venue

Korvia Pre-orienation venue is KEBHana HQ and check in will start by 12:30PM

(1) Place: Euljiro 66, Jung-gu, Seoul (KEB Hana Bank)
서울 중구 을지로 66, 하나금융그룹 (Korean)
(2) Location: 4th Floor
(3) Date & Time: 18 Februrary 2020, Tuesday / From 12:30PM
(4) Directions: Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station, Exit 5 nearby

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4-start hotel accommodation

Tmark Grand Hotel Myeongdong (4-star hotel) is located at central downtown, Seoul and staying at one can be a great starting place for exploration & sightseeing. And besides, prior to the week-long EPIK orientation, it would be refreshing to take some time to rest up and relax. (100%)

For further information on the hotel, please go to (Tmark Grand Hotel Myeongdong)

Prepaid SIM card

Activating your phone RIGHT UPON ARRIVAL can be a daunting and frustrating experience. Seriously, English can be a barrier to so many things in Korea but you are in great hands. We can help you right from the start. We will have our staff positioned at our Korvia EPIK Pre-Orientation so that everything can be set up for just your needs.

You can simply bring your unlocked device and insert SIM card into your old smartphone.

For further information, please go to (Kimchi Mobile Prepaid SIM card)

Opening a KEB Hana Bank Account

Opening a bank account in Korea is pretty easy, Korean banks don’t ask for or require a credit history nor do they do a credit check. In most cases, setting up an account can be done in one day, but you can only have a fully accessible bank account after getting your ARC in Korea.

During Korvia pre-orientation, KEB Hana Bankers will attend the orientation and helping you to fill out the application form for both opening bank account as well as a debit card. A keynote speech will give you brief information about Korean banking as well as remittance services.

  • Opening Saving Bank Account
  • Getting a debit card (with T-money function)
  • Sign-up for an internet banking
  • Guideline how to use internet banking as well as remittance services.

Korean banking services are very convenient and they never charge you any fees of use including deposit and withdrawal so feel free to open up second bank accounts.

Keynote Speech

Few numbers of Keynote speech will be available including how to survive in Korea, Prepaid SIM card guideline, Cell phone plans in Korea, How to enjoy Korean banking and use remittance services.

Shuttle to EPIK Airport counter or EPIK Orientation venue

Your packing for at least a year is going to be huge and only bigger. Travel light. Not in this case! You want your precious and cozy items with you wherever you go. We are not stopping you cause we feel exactly the same about personal stuff. It is just that you don’t want to drag them around all by yourself all the way to the EPIK orientation venue. If you come with Korvia, that would become the least of your concern. We will transport your belongings to your destination for a smooth transition.

Win pricey prizes

We would like to thank you for all your support and extra efforts during the application process. Korvia welcoming package will be available for everyone however we prepare some special gifts for extra people. You can win the biggest prize that we prepared!

*Prepaid SIM, Accommodation and Shuttle services are not free of charge. Please send an inquiry to Korvia-EPIK team if you have any questions.