Shenzhen SDE Benefits

The following are benefits offered to each teacher placed in the Shenzhen SDE. Please inquire with your recruiter as to which benefits you will be eligible for.

Monthly Salary

SDE Teachers are entitled to get paid for monthly salary depends on qualifications and teaching experiences. Basic salary for public school teaching jobs in China will start from 10,000RMB and you will have a job offer with the final amount of salary. Prior teaching experience in any other counties will elevate your salary from the basic and private school and language center’s minimum monthly salary will be higher than 10,000RMB.

Free Single Furnished Housing or housing allowance

SDE Teachers are entitled to rent-free single housing furnished with basic furniture and appliances. If your school cannot provide housing, they will provide a housing stipend of 3,000 RMB  a month. Key money can be supported by SDE for first few months until you will be financially stable in China.

Paid Vacation

SDE teachers are entitled to 11 days of paid vacation per contract (weekends are excluded). You will have extra vacation days during summer and winter school vacation period and get paid partially.

Entrance (Hotel) Support

SDE provides hotel accommodations up to 4 nights. Upon your arrival, you have a full of tasks to completes. Most of the schools in China can’t provide a single furnished housing so you will have a chance to find your own accommodation with SDE team support.

Personal Medical Insurance

Your employer, SDE will pay fifty-percent of your personal medical insurance premiums each month, with the remaining being automatically deducted from your paycheck. Provided medical insurance is full-coverage and include health, vision, & dental. Teachers do not have to worry about enrolling, as they are automatically enrolled upon the start of their teaching contract.

SDE Orientation

Newly arriving SDE teachers get to enjoy a special and all-expenses-paid orientation. There, SDE will help teachers to assimilate into China by offering teaching strategies classes as well as Chinese language and cultural classes.