Apply at

Applicants must fill out an online application form at If accepted, candidates will then be matched with a recruiter who will schedule an individual interview session to help decide which program/positions are best for them.

Submit GEPIK Application & Initial Documents

Applicants complete and submit a program application and the initial documents required for that program.

Interview with GEPIK School

A Korvia recruiter will schedule an interview with a GEPIK school that is interested in you.

Job Offer

Applicants that pass the interview with a GEPIK school will be notified by their recruiter and be sent an official job offer.

Submit GEPIK Final Documents

Candidates must gather and send in all the their required final documents to Korvia during the specified submission timeline. Korvia then double checks each document and then forwards it to your GEPIK school.

Apply for Visa with VIN

After your school receives your documents, they will send you a visa issuance number that you must take to the nearest Korean consulate in your country to apply for a Korean teaching visa.

Book a One-way Flight Ticket

After securing your visa, teachers must book a one-way plane ticket to South Korea. While the ticket’s cost must be paid upfront by the teacher, they will later get reimbursed after their first paycheck for the ticket’s costs.

First Day of School

Congratulations! You are now officially a GOE teacher! This marks the beginning of your teaching career in South Korea!