EPIK Benefits

The following are EPIK benefits offered to each teacher placed in the EPIK program. Some EPIK benefits such as the Entrance Allowance and Settlement Allowance are only available to 1st year teachers. Please inquire with your recruiter as to which EPIK benefits you will be eligible for.

Free Single Furnished Housing

EPIK Teachers are entitled to rent-free single housing furnished with basic furniture and appliances. If your school cannot provide housing, they will provide a housing stipend of 400,000 KRW a month. Key money however, will not be provided.

Entrance Allowance

EPIK provides reimbursement for the cost of your plane ticket to Korea in the form of the Entrance Allowance. The 1,300,000 KRW entrance allowance is given in your first month after you have arrived in Korea.

  • Special Note: Those that are renewing a contract with their current school or transferring to another school within Korea are not eligible for the Entrance Allowance.
  • Depending on locations, you will not get the entrance allowance until after 6 months of employment.

Settlement Allowance

Worried about how much it will cost to settle down in your new housing? Don’t worry, EPIK has you covered. EPIK provides a one-time 300,000 KRW Settlement Allowance to help you buy things like supplies and other furnishings for your apartment.

Renewal Allowance

For those that wish to teach for another year at the same school will receive a Renewal Allowance of 2,000,000 KRW. This benefit only applies to those that continue at the same school. Those transferring to another school within the EPIK program are not eligible.

Severance Payment

Anytime you complete a 1-year contract you are entitled to an additional full month of extra salary pay as a bonus for completing a contract. The amount is cumulative depending on how many contracts you complete while in Korea, and will be paid to you upon your exit of your school.

Exit Allowance

EPIK teachers will receive 1,300,000 KRW to cover the costs of their plane ticket back to their home country. The payment will be provided in the form of reimbursement after leaving South Korea and sending a scan of their flight itinerary and boarding pass to their school.

Paid Vacation

EPIK teachers are entitled to 26 days of paid vacation per contract (weekends are excluded). Generally, vacation is allowed to be taken during the summer in August and in the Winter in January when the students are on break.

Sick Days

EPIK Teachers are allowed to take up to 11 sick-days. Missing consecutive days will require a doctor’s note. Sick days are not able to be “rolled-over” to a renewing contract.

Medical Insurance

In accordance with the National Medical Insurance Act, your employer will pay fifty-percent of your medical insurance premiums each month, with the remaining being automatically deducted from your paycheck. Provided medical insurance is full-coverage and include health, vision, & dental. Teachers do not have to worry about enrolling, as they are automatically enrolled upon the start of their teaching contract.

EPIK Orientation

Newly arriving EPIK teachers get to enjoy a special and all-expenses paid 9-day orientation. There, EPIK will help teachers to assimilate into South Korea by offering teaching strategies classes as well as Korean language and cultural classes. Lodging and meals are all paid for.