Korvia is an English teacher placement agency based in Seoul, South Korea. We help find qualified native English teachers abroad to teach at public schools all across South Korea. Launched in September 2006, we are one of the most-used and recommended Korean ESL recruiting agencies in the world.

저희 (주)코비아컨설팅은 교육부산하 국립국제교육원, 서울시교육청, 경기도교육청, 경남교육청등 을 중심으로 국내공교육기관에 원어민보조교사를 채용하는 서치 펌으로서 전국 초,중,고등학교에 배치되는 원어민을 채용 업무를 담당하고 있습니다.

Available Positions

Korvia Paid-Internship Trainee Program

Korvia Consulting is currently looking for an individual to be part of our Paid Internship Trainee Program. We’re looking for individuals with a global-outlook who can assist with general office duties as well as learn and develop professional skills in human resources, recruiting, and headhunting.

Job TitleJob DescriptionJob RequirementsNo. of Openings
Office Support Intern
  • Reviewing native English teachers’ documents
  • General reception customer service
  • Managing aspects of the company website
  • Handling internal paperwork
  • Must be a Korean citizen or other citizen who is holding students visa or working visa in South Korea
  • Students must be on or will be taking an approved leave of absence from university
  • Those having no grounds for disqualification based on the basis for Korean government-supported Youth Internship Programs
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word & Excel
Junior Recruiter
  • Reviewing native English teachers’ documents
  • Interviewing native English teacher for initial screening process
  • Screening Final document for visa application
  • Maintain all pertinent applicant and interview data in the Application Tracking System
  • Create and implement strategies to attract passive job seekers
  • Must be a Korean citizen or other citizen who is F type visa holder
  • Must speak and write English fluently
  • Proficient Korean language skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and communication skills
  • Clear understanding of full cycle recruitment processes
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word & Excel
(주)코비아컨설팅에서는 신입사원을 모집합니다. 일반사무, 국제적 감각, 리크루팅과 헤드헌팅의 전문기술까지 착실히 배우면서 근무하며 즐겁게 일하실 분을 모십니다.

  • 원어민지원자의 서류심사 보조
  • 원어민지원자의 면접대행 보조
  • 홈페이지 관리 및 각종 서류 작업
  • 고객서비스 응대
  • 경력, 나이 무관
  • Microsoft Word™ 능력 우수자
  • Microsoft Excel™ 능력 우수자
  • 원어민지원자의 서류심사
  • 원어민지원자의 면접
  • 구인/구직자 홍보 및 모집 전략수립
  • 외국인 정착프로그램 관리
  • 경력, 나이 무관
  • Microsoft 프로그램 능력 우수자
  • MAC 활용능력 우수자

Korvia Career - 인재채용

Korvia Career Opportunities
    *Other positions are not available
    *Paid Internship is only available through Hanyang and Konkuk University Internship program for now.
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