Team Korvia

We want YOU to be part of our team!

Just arrived in Korea and want to get involved but don’t know how? Are you an aspiring writer who would like your work to be shared with a mass audience? Want to make the most of your time in Korea and build experience for your resume and career?

Korvia is seeking motivated individuals to join our team and expand the Korvia brand as well as make a name for themselves! Korvia Magazine is a new feature of that aims to inform, guide, and entertain individuals interested in teaching and culture in Korea. By becoming a contributor at, you’ll not only expose your work to thousands of unique visitors every month, but also be able to build experience on your resume and portfolio.

  • Exposure to thousands of viewers and unique traffic each month
  • Gain writing, editing, and publishing experience
  • Get an official letter of recommendation from Korvia executive directors
  • Network with other writers and contributors apart of the Korvia network
  • Gain resume and portfolio experience
  • Be in the know with exclusive news and updates from Korvia

We’re looking for the following types of individuals:

Got a topic in your head that you’d like to share with the rest of the ESL community in Korea? Is the the Criminal Record Check Korvia Guide not in-depth enough for British citizens? We’d love for you to become a writer and help us with our content!

Start your own article series, improve our guides, write about your love for Korean culture!

Writing is a science and an art. We’re looking for English editors that want to gain editing experience by helping us proofread and inquire about what should be expanded or retracted upon in our writing. This won’t be an easy job! But you’ll get to proudly suggest and provide feedback for writers from all around the world!
Own a DSLR and itching to post some of your work online? We’d love to feature your photographs on our site and in our articles and marketing content!
We’re looking for videographers to attend our events and work with others to develop projects to be debuted on!
Blogs and Vlogs are often the most informative way to get information from someone similar to yourself. Want to gain an audience to follow your personal blog? is a great place to debut as well as contribute!
Live in a city you love and want to expose its culture and events to other expats in Korea? We’d love for you to become a city ambassador and share your city with our recruits and audience! Does your city have the best Indian/Mexican restaurant in the country? Is your town having a marathon? We’d love to hear about it!

Be part of Korvia Party Organizer including our annual Spring/Fall Parties!

Program Benefits

Being a Korvia Contributor is a volunteer position. While individuals will not be paid, they will enjoy exclusive perks as well as the ability to list the experience on their resumes as well as receive an official letter of recommendation from Korvia executive directors at the end of their volunteer term.


  • Must currently reside in South Korea
  • Be over the age of 21
  • Must have access to the internet
  • Must have appropriate computer programs to aid in your contributing work


  • Someone who already has blogging or online writing experience
  • Someone who is social and would like to network with other individuals and organizations
  • Someone who has an open mind about the ESL scene in Korea and Korean culture
  • Someone who can express themselves and ideas well

I would like to apply!

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