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OE is a public school English teaching program that places teachers in the southern Gyeongsang province of Korea. The province is famous for its natural beauty, warmer climate, as well as surroundings of the coastal city of Busan. The program is directly run and sponsored by the province’s office of education.

The GOE program places teachers year-round, which is a great alternative those who want to start teaching in Korea now and don’t want to have to wait for the typical Fall and Spring intakes of the other programs. While the province does hold the large metropolitan cities of Changwon and Gimhae, the GOE program mainly places teachers into smaller more scenic towns, which is great for those that want to live an adventurous lifestyle and get away from the crowded city lifestyle.

Korvia is not only an official partner but also an exclusive partner of the GOE program. We work directly with the Gyeongnam Office of Education to ensure applicants are prepared and ready for when positions become available. Being an exclusive partner of GOE means that applicants won’t have to worry about the typical pressures of applying in a competitive market.

Escape the Crowded City Life

Hone your hobbies and focus on your personal goals in a region known for its beauty, peacefulness, and rich tradition.

From the Mountains to the Coast

Enjoy a variety of different locations, every one with a different experience, culture, and traditions.

New & Experienced Teachers Welcomed

The GOE program hires and places both new and experienced teachers into its public school positions. No experience necessary!

Program Transfer Assistance Available

Korvia has services and information available to help those wishing to make the switch from a hagwon or other public school program. Contact us for more information.

Teach & Live Close to the Coast

Being close to tourism destinations such as Geoje, Namhae, & Busan make this the best place to be if you like warmer climates.

Travel Korea at 300 km/h.

Being neighbors with the hub cities of Daegu, Ulsan, and Busan mean that you’re never too far away from KTX, the fastest mode of transportation available in Korea.

Year-Round Starting Dates

GOE has positions starting year-round, making it a great choice for those that want to start as soon as possible.

Visa Assistance Available

Notice of Appointment and contract will be sent to you by express mail and your Visa process will be guided

A Relaxed Life in the Southern Countryside

Escape the bustling city and teach in the southern Gyeongsang province. Famous for cities and towns with rich traditions, history, food, and sights.

Learn more about GOE Locations >

Yangsan Temple
Hapcheon Mountains
Jinhae Cherry Blossoms

All Your Flights Covered

GOE provides its teachers both incoming and outbound allowances to cover all your flight costs, leaving you with little costs to cover on your own.

Learn more about GOE Benefits >

GOE Allowances Infographic

Higher Starting Salaries

Teachers in the GOE program enjoy some of the highest starting salaries out of all the public school programs in South Korea. Great for those that want to make the most in a short amount of time.

Learn more about the GOE Salary Levels >

  • Highest Starting Public School Salary
  • Progressive Salary Level Structure
  • Rural Allowance Provided for Qualifying Positions
GOE Salary Levels Infographic
GOE Start Dates Infographic

Why Wait? Positions Starting Each Month

With positions starting year-round, GOE is a great option for those that want to start their new adventure asap and not have to worry about making certain application deadlines.

Learn more about the GOE Process Timeline >

EPIK 2015 Payscale

More Time for Traveling

GOE teachers enjoy almost four weeks of vacation each year, giving you the time you need to explore South Korea or hop on a ferry in the neighboring city of Busan for a getaway to Japan!

Learn more about the GOE Contract >

Learn More About GOE

All you need to succeed! We’ve compiled and written all the information you need to know to get started with the GOE program.


Get to know all about the GOE contract with information that outlines your salary, working hours, vacation time, and more! Know what you’re entitled to before starting the application process.

Learn more about the GOE Contract >

  • 1-Year Contract
  • Mon-Fri | 8:40 AM – 4:40 PM
  • 22 Teaching Hours Per Week
  • National Holidays & Paid Leave


Being an English teacher in South Korea is not an easy task! The lessons, curriculum, and day to day routines that you as a teacher create at school can have a lasting effect on your students. Be prepared!

Learn more about GOE Duties & Responsibilities >

  • Prepare teaching materials
  • Assist your co-teacher in teaching English
  • Assist with extracurricular activities
  • Create testing materials and new curriculum

Using Korvia to apply to GOE is easy! After a brief Skype interview, one of our Korvia Recruiting Specialists will guide you through the entire application process and then let you know when a great GOE position becomes available!

Learn more about the GOE Application Documents >

  • Skype Interview with Korvia Recruiting Specialist
  • Submit Application Documents to your Recruiter
  • That’s it!


[/fusion_builder_row_inner]Once GOE decides that they want you to teach in their program, you’ll need to submit all the necessary paperwork to your recruiter so that we can then forward it to GOE.

Learn more about GOE Required Documents >

  • Apostilled Bachelor’s Diploma
  • Apostilled National Criminal Background Check
  • University Transcripts
  • Plus Others

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