The frontier and innovative city to Teach English in China


ea Dragon Education (SDE for short) is a pioneering global education provider in China sponsored by Shenzhen Municipal Government and the Ministry of Education. We stand strong with their core mission to transform the country into one of the global hub of communication by inviting educators from across the world. We attract people of different cultures, languages and more and help them integrate well into the culture and society as a whole. With everything in place to ensure successful and complete settlement, from beginning to end, your life in China will be a smooth transition for expats and new comers alike.

With ever growing China’s status on a global stage and their potential still being discovered, China is a blue ocean for both experienced and hopeful teachers. Among many benefits, excellent government support and hospitable living environments make for a perfect teaching spot.

Moreover, in our honest hope of contributing to quality English education in China, SDE has been diligently forging trusting partnerships with government bodies over the years and now, we are proud to be one of the outstanding long-time/official partners with a variety of public programs on offer. We also have subsidiaries across China including Beijing, Chengdu, Hefei, and Wuhan.

This opportunity of a life-time is in your hands now. If you want to make a lasting impact on Chinese students and be the next cultural ambassador for your country, this is your one and only answer. As a trustworthy partner of SDE, KORVIA can make that happen for you. Get in touch with us now!

Public School Program in China

SDE Program has the most extended network of schools and partners across China. Anywhere you want to go in China, SDE has it all.

Locations all across Shenzhen!

Futian, Luohu, Nanshan, Bao’an, Longgang and others! All are locations covered by the SDE!

New & Experienced Teachers

Both experienced and inexperienced teachers are welcome to apply and teach in China.

No Experience Necessary!

Those without any teaching experience but have a passion are more than welcome in these programs, making it a great way to jump-start your teaching career!

Personalized Care System

Unlike Mass Recruitment, you will be assigned a team of professionals to support you in the process and we will take your specific needs into consideration so that you feel comfortable and assured throughout the journey.

One Interview, Many Possibilities!

Contrary to other programs, you won’t need to worry about having multiple interviews with multiple schools. With SDE Shenzhen.

Fall & Spring Start Dates

Spring & Fall are two main intakes. However, we have open positions throughout the year.


Can’t make a sharp March 1st or September 1st start date? Fear not! Late start positions are also available!

Location of your choice

It is okay to not speak Chinese to survive in China. Locals are overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming to foreigners. Wherever you end up, you will have the support you need including link-up with a community of teachers, cultural & language classes, professional development and cultural integration. With SDE, we will give you the most wider selection of locations.

Learn more about Teach English in SHENZHEN Locations >

Teach English in Shenzhen
Teach English Shenzhen

Less Worry, More Benefits

Job benefits are an important factor for decision-making. It might be everything, so to speak. We understand how much of a big deal it is. We will make it easier for you to decide. With SDE, you will receive the most deserving benefits.

Learn more about teaching English in SHENZHEN Benefits >

  • National Health Insurance

  • Providing up to 4 nights of hotel accommodations for initial settlement

  • School vacation off without desk warming

  • Z working visa

  • And much more!

Reasonable Salary compared to unbeatable living cost

Shenzhen offers native English teachers some of the highest pay in China and SDE is no exception. With different payscale levels that reward you for your qualifications, SDE is the way to go for those that want to save and make the most while enjoying the security of a government-backed position.

Learn more about Teach English in SHENZHEN living cost >

EPIK College Graduates

Starting fresh right out of college or ready for change?

If you are in your final semester of college or looking for a new change in your career? That is no problem. We can take it from here. SDE welcomes anyone passionate about teaching or education in general. With our support, you will be free from all the stress and pressure.

Learn more about Teach English in Shenzhen Eligibility >

Why teaching jobs in Shenzhen?

There is no denying that China has now made its successful & powerful debut on a global stage but how does it have anything to do with us, let alone teaching?

  • First, a central point of business, education, and other sectors.
  • Secondly, Shenzhen dubbed ‘China’s Silicon Valley’.
  • Third, rich history and traditions.
  • Fourth, cheap cost of living.
  • Fifth, a place of taste.
  • Sixth, the weather!

Put together, China is a no-brainer. You just can’t resist what the country has to offer.

teaching jobs in Shenzhen

Teach English in Shenzhen Process | Korvia by Your Side

The program application process is simple. Korvia is here to guide you through every step so that you’re never lost along the application process. From the application stage to applying for your visa Korvia is by your side every step of the way!

Learn more about teach English in Shenzhen Process >

Get Informed About SDE – Sea Dragon Education

From required documents to contract details, there’s a lot of stuff to learn about Teach English in Shenzen! Korvia is here to help you make the right choice, but for those that want to learn more on their own, we recommend getting started here!

SDE - Sea Dragon Education Teacher Logo

One of the best parts of teaching for the SDE in Shenzhen is knowing that your salary, benefits, and working conditions are all backed by the SDE (Sea Dragon Education), leaving you to focus on being the best teacher you can possibly be. Happy teachers equal happy students!

Learn more about the SHENZHEN Contract >

  • 11 Months Contract
  • Mon-Fri | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • 18~22 Teaching Hours Per Week
  • National Holidays & Paid Leave

Teach English China Duties and Responsibility

Being an English teacher in China is not an easy task! The lessons, curriculum, and day to day routines that you, as a teacher, create at school can have a lasting effect on your students. Be prepared!

Learn more about SHENZHEN Teaching Duties >

  • Prepare teaching materials
  • Assist your co-teacher in teaching English
  • Assist with extracurricular activities
  • Create testing materials and new curriculum

Applying to SHENZHEN through Korvia is easy! After a brief Skype interview, one of our Korvia Recruiting Specialists will guide you through the entire application process helping you fill out the necessary forms and even double checking them for you before you submit them!

Learn more about the SHENZHEN Application Documents >

  • Skype Interview with Korvia Recruiting Specialist
  • Submit Application Documents to your Recruiter
  • That’s it!

Applicants interested in applying to SDE are required to submit initial application documents as well as self introduction video. Those that prepare earlier have a higher chance of obtaining a better position! So it’s best to get started now!

Learn more about SHENZHEN Required Documents >

  • Apostilled Bachelor’s Diploma
  • Apostilled National Criminal Background Check
  • University Transcripts
  • Plus Others

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