EPIK Locations

EPIK places teachers in both metropolitan and provincial Areas. Applicants are able to specify their preference for a particular city or province. The faster you submit your documents the better chance you have of landing in the location you prefer. If the location has already had its positions filled you will be placed in a different area.

Metropolitan – Individual cities with high population densities.
Province – Regions with multiple cities and towns within.

EPIK Metropolitan Cities

EPIK Metropolitan CityPopulation
Seoul10.1 Million
Busan3.5 Million
Incheon3.0 Million
Daegu2.5 Million
Gwangju1.5 Million
Daejeon1.5 Million
Ulsan1.2 Million

Metropolitan cities each have their own distinct character and culture. The capital city of Seoul houses one of the largest foreign populations in the country and showcases what contemporary Korean life is all about. Busan gives visitors a taste of coastal life with one of the warmest climates and one of the most beautiful coastal views you’ll ever see. Sejong is Korea’s brand new city. It is being built to eventually hold governmental affairs in the future.

EPIK Provinces

EPIK ProvincePopulation
Gyeonggi12 Million
Gyeongnam3.3 Million
Gyeongbuk2.7 Million
Chungnam2.0 Million
Jeonbuk1.9 Million
Jeonnam1.9 Million
Chungbuk1.6 Million
Gangwon1.5 Million

Each province in Korea holds multiple cities and towns that not only have their own flavor but also their own unity and historical significance. Jeonbuk and Jeonnam are known across the land for having the tastiest food in the entire country and take pride in their traditional historical cuisine. Gangwon holds some of the highest mountains and ski resorts and recently hosted the 2018 winter olympics. Gyeongnam is known for its historical temples and its fiery temperament.