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GOE Locations

GOE places teachers into both cities and counties throughout the southern Gyeongsang province. Gyeongnam is known for it’s coastal cities and islands such as Changwon, Tongyoung, and Namhae, as well its more country north of Hapcheon and Miryang.

Cities – Individual cities with high population densities.
Counties – Regions with multiple cities and towns within.

GOE Cities & Counties

GOE City Population
Changwon (Capital) 1.1 Million
Gimhae 531,000
Jinju 341,000
Yangsan 275,000
Geoje 246,000
Tongyeong 143,000
Sacheon 118,000
Miryang 110,000
GOE County Population
Haman 70,000
Geochang 63,000
Changnyeong 64,000
Goseong 59,000
Namhae 49,000
Hapcheon 51,000
Hadong 51,000
Hamyang 41,000
Sancheong 36,000
Uiryeong 31,000