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What is GOE?

GOE is a Public School English Teaching Program sponsored by the Gyeongsangnam-do office of education that places teachers into various cities as well as counties in the southern Gyeongsang province. Korvia GOE is unique in that it is one of the only programs to accept and place teachers throughout the entire school year, rather than just during specific intake periods. Applicants have the option of choosing a position to apply for before they embark for South Korea.

Why should you use Korvia to apply to GOE?

Korvia is an Official Partner of the GOE program. We’re here to inform and help you apply for positions as soon as they become available. Korvia helps guide candidates through the process and prepare all the documentation needed so that you never feel overwhelmed during any part. Call us your GOE expert; there to guide you through it all and answer any question you may have.

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