Korvia is now accepting applications for EPIK Fall 2020!

The EPIK program is one of the premiere English teaching programs in South Korea. With it’s national scope and direct relationship with offices of education all around South Korea, EPIK is not only one of the most popular ESL programs in the country, but is also one of the best programs to teach with. EPIK teachers enjoy great benefits such as the following:

  • National Placement All Over South Korea
  • Competitive Pay | Make Between 1.8M – 2.7M KRW a Month
  • 9 AM – 5 PM Working Hours
  • Provided Single Accommodation
  • 18 Days of Paid Vacation + National Holidays
  • Flight Ticket Allowance | Up to 1.3M KRW Each Way!
  • 9 Day All-Expenses Paid Orientation
  • Medical & Health Insurance Contributions
  • Sick Paid Leave

While the program has some of the best benefits for English teachers in Korea, applying to the program can often be intimidating for some. That’s where Korvia comes in. Call us your EPIK expert! We’re here to give you the best chances possible of getting a position with the program! With over 9 years of EPIK recruiting experience, we know what works, and what doesn’t. Being a Korvia recruit gives you the following benefits:

One-on-One EPIK Program Consultation

Not sure which program is best for you? Ask Our Recruiting Specialists! Get the chance to speak with one of our Korvia Recruiting Specialists over Skype and get all your questions answered about all the EPIK program before you apply! Learn about all the benefitseligibility requirements, and even the best time to apply for your specific situation. It’s a great way to pick the brains of ESL recruitment professionals and get their advice on the best route for you!

Document Headache

Streamlined Application & Document Guidance

Avoid Document and Application Form Headaches. We’re here to help walk you through all the documents and steps of the application process that might be confusing. Do you need to take a TEFL course? Are you married and coming with your spouse? Are you currently still in school and want to save your spot until you graduate? We’re here to help you fill out all the additional documents you’ll need to secure some of the great benefits with the program. We’ll even check your documents to make sure you’ve included everything you need to before sending it off to EPIK!

Dynamic Live Webinars

Get Tips & Advice at Our Live Webinars! Webinars are not only great ways to get information about a certain EPIK stage or process, but they’re also fun to attend as well as accessible on all your devices! Join our live webinars with our energetic speakers and guest speakers to get a visual explanation of important program aspects.

Korvia webinars are free, open to the public, and are archived in case you can’t attend the live recording!

Korvia Teachers Parties

Meet and Network with Fellow Teacher. You’ll be meeting and making a lot of friends at the EPIK orientation, however if you’ve ever wanted to meet other teachers outside the program, Korvia gives you the chance! We get all our teachers together two times a year to meet each other and make new friends! And with an average of over 150 teachers each party, it’s certainly no low-key event!

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Apply to EPIK Korvia Party Entrance
Apply to EPIK Korvia Party

Supportive Korvia Community Groups

Stay Connected with Korvia & Other Recruits. Korvia’s nearly 1000-member strong Korvia EPIK Facebook group lets you chat with others, get answers from Korvia recruiting specialists, as well as receive all the latest program new and updates. Not sure what you should pack before heading to the airport? Want to know the best way to save money while in Korea?

Ask and get community answers from Korvia staff, fellow recruits, and veteran teachers!


Plan B

Backup Options if You’re Not Successful the First Time! Having a backup option is always a smart choice. In the event you are not accepted into the EPIK program, Korvia recruits for a variety of other Korean public school programs as well as single positions. That way you don’t have to waste time applying to another agency in order to make it for the same target arrival date!

  • Public School Programs
  • Private Institutes
  • Private Schools
  • And more!

So what are you waiting for? To apply for the EPIK Fall 2020 intake, please click the Apply Button below to be taken to Korvia’s Online Application form. Here, we can obtain all the information we need to begin the processing and screening process to match you with one of our Korvia Recruiting Specialists!

Apply for the EPIK Fall 2020 intake now!

Start your next big adventure in Korea.

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