UPDATED: 26/01/18

Getting a new cell phone in Korea is one of the most stressful parts of settling in South Korea. Especially if you are an expat just arrived at the airport you might take lots of time get a suitable cell phone and the monthly plan as well.

Often Korean local telecom stores such as  (SK Telecom [T-world], KT Telecom [Olleh], or LG Telecom [U+]) avoid foreign customers due to languages barriers especially in remote areas. You can have prepaid SIM card options, but you must unlock your cell phone correctly, and the rates are very high compares to a monthly plan.

Most of the local Koreans sign up for a 24-month contract to buy a new cell phone and get the monthly rate discounts. Most of them use an unlimited monthly plan includes unlimited data, calling and text messages, and it cost between 66,000KRW~88,000KRW (Appr. USD60~80).

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Now Korvia has teamed-up with KIMCHI MOBILE to make the process easier for Native English Teachers looking to get a cell phone in South Korea.

Kimchi Mobile Team offers some spicy mobile phone deals, and the deals are only available for Native English Teachers (E2 Visa holders ) (Public and Sector) such as EPIK, SMOE, GOE and other public school native Engish teachers. Who has received an NOA (Notice Of Appointment) by the superintendent of education boards.

Kimchi Mobile Team offers a 12-month contract with SK Telecom’s unlimited monthly plan including unlimited data, calling and text messages for private academy teachers working through Korvia and all public school teachers. This is an unusual deal even for local Koreans, but Korvia has tried to provide a better service for foreigners who stay for one year. While you use the mobile phone for 12 months, you can get the discount as well. However, if you stop the contract within the period, you need to return the amount of discounted money.

There is another option which is the 24-month contract with SK Telecom’s unlimited monthly plan at 52,690KRW (Appr. 45USD) including unlimited data, calling and text messages. This unlimited plan’s original rate is 65,890KRW (Appr. USD 57.30) however you can get a monthly discount 16,472KRW (Appr. USD 14.97) from the initial rate because of the 24-month contract.

Are you going to stay only 12 months and not sure that you will resign for a 2nd year yet? You may hesitate to sign up for 24-month plan contract; however, you just need to return the amount of discounted money and just need to pay back only 80% of total discount benefits that you had for the first 12 months (SK Telecom’s early termination fees). And of course, if you keep the contract for 24 months you can save 395,328KRW (Appr. USD 359).

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Also, they have the prepaid SIM card option, and Korvia teachers can have it for almost free. This is a great deal for new teachers and gets your prepaid SIM card at less than one dollar.

How to Apply

Follow these steps to successfully getting a new cell phone in Korea:

STEP 1: Visit www.kimchimobile.com and find a suitable plan deal for you

STEP 2: Purchase a suitable one-time payment deal or a 12/24-month installment plan

STEP 3: Fill out monthly plan contract application form

STEP 4: Wait for your brand new cell phone and enjoy your expat life in Korea. The product will be mailed to you within few days.

KORVIA PRO TIPApply credit card for additional monthly discount

Required Documents
Required Documents
Scanned copy of Alien Registration Card (Frontside and Backside)
Copy of Bank Account Book
Copy of E2 Visa Sticker on your passport or scanned copy of NOA (Notice of Appointment)

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