Prepaid SIM card in Korea – discount codes

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Prepaid SIM card in Korea – discount codes

Korvia has teamed up with Kimchi Mobile, and we proudly offer prepaid SIM card service for Native English Teachers.
For this offer, 20USD will be off from the original price (29.99USD), and you will be able to pick a prepaid SIM card at one of affiliated SIM card retail centers.

With more and more arriving teachers preferring to not part with their current smartphone, Kimchi Mobile wants to offer those individuals a way to keep the conversation going on the device they are familiar with.

Kimchi Mobile will also debut unlimited plan options for those that wish to call, text, and use their favorite internet apps on their smartphones for unlimited usage. For more information on unlimited options as well pricing, please head over to

All Kimchi Mobile Prepaid SIM Cards will be rechargeable at Kimchi Mobile’s website as well as come precharged with 20,000 KRW worth of credit. Kimchi Mobile’s partnership with Korvia will also allow all arriving Korvia teachers to receive the SIM card at Korvia office as well.

Kimchi Mobile prepaid SIM cards will be offered in micro and nano-sized versions. Compatibility will depend on the smartphone model. While all smartphone models might not be compatible, Kimchi Mobile will do it’s best to inform individuals at the time of application of which models will be compatible. Kimchi Mobile also offers unlimited SIM card, and you can get a cell phone like a local Korean if you already have your ARC.

Are you not a Korvia recruit? Don’t worry you can still get a discount of 10USD by filling out below discount code request form.

[How to apply Prepaid SIM]

  1. Get your discount code
  2. Place an order for your prepaid SIM card (
  3. Visit one of Kimchi Mobile affiliated SIM card center in Korea
  4. Fill out prepaid SIM card application form and complete your personal information including ink signature
  5. Insert your SIM card after receive one and be connected

*You can recharge your credit at or contact SK Telink 7 Mobile (Primary Service Provider) to recharge your credits.

7 Mobile Prepaid SIM logo recharge - Prepaid SIM card in Korea - discount codes

*Your promotion code will be sent by e-mail after you complete this form.

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