The following guide is for individuals that are trying to apply for their ARC in Korea. This process should be done as soon as possible once you have arrived in Korea.

What is an ARC ?

An ARC (Alien Registration Card) is a Korean national identification card. It is equivalent to a social security and ID card all in one. An ARC is needed to register and sign up for essential services such as a cell phone plan, internet, banking, as well as a credit card. Having an ARC also allows you to be enrolled in the Korean national health/medical insurance and pension plan.

You must register for an ARC card within 90 days of your arrival.

How to Apply

Follow these steps to successfully register for your ARC:

STEP 1: Find and schedule a mutually agreeable time for you, your school, and your co-teacher that will enable you enough time to visit your local immigration office.

STEP 2: Make an appointment to visit the immigration office that is in charge of your district at

STEP 3: Visit the immigration office at your scheduled time.

STEP 4: Submit to the immigration office clerk the required documents listed below. Opt to have your ARC mailed back to your address. There will be an extra small shipping fee added.

STEP 5: Wait for your ARC to be processed and sent back to you by mail. The results will be mailed to you within 3~5 weeks

Required Documents
Req. Documents
Alien Registration Application Form
1 Photocopy of School Registration License
1 Passport-sized Photo
1 Sealed Medical Test Results (that includes TBPE & HIV test)
1 Photocopy of Accommodation Contract
1 Signed Confirmation Letter of Accommodation Residency
30,000 KRW Cash
Your Original Passport + 1 Photocopy of passort
Medical Exam

In order to apply for an ARC card, all applicants must complete a full medical exam at a designated E2 visa hospital in their city. It is best to make an appointment in advance with your hospital. For a list of participating E2 medical exam hospitals please click here.

Please request 2 copies of the results before taking the test. One copy will be for your ARC application and the other will be for submitting to your school.

Required Documents for Medical Exam
1. 2-3 Passport size photos
2. Valid Passport
3. Testing fee: 60,000~150,000 (extra copies are about 1000~5000 KRW)

*May vary from hospital to hospital. Please call ahead to verify.

What Does the Medical Exam Include?

The medical exam will check for general health conditions, narcotics usage, as well as certain diseases. The check will consist of an x-ray, blood test, as well as various physical tests.

Please click here for a sample medical exam results page


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