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How to get a cell phone plan like the local Koreans

UPDATED: 11/11/17 Getting a new cell phone in Korea is one of the most stressful parts of settling in South Korea. Especially if you are an expat just arrived at the airport you might take lots of time get a suitable cell phone and the monthly plan as well. Often Korean local telecom stores [...]

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How to Get the apostilled FBI background check in Korea

UPDATED: 10/18/17 We could never expect to tell people that it is possible to receive the apostilled FBI background check within 2 weeks while you are still in Korea, back in a month ago. We can now though! As Korvia consulting made a partnership with these 2 great companies which will make it happen! As [...]

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How to Get an FBI Background Check in One Week

UPDATED: 01/05/17 Obtaining an FBI background check is one of the most headache-inducing parts of applying to teach English in Korea. And with the excruciatingly-slow 3-4 month FBI processing time, it’s easy to see why. But now Korvia has teamed-up with Accurate Biometrics (one of the leading FBI-approved channelers) to create an FBI background check process [...]

How to Apply for Your ARC in Korea

The following guide is for individuals that are trying to apply for their ARC in Korea. This process should be done as soon as possible once you have arrived in Korea. What is an ARC ? An ARC (Alien Registration Card) is a Korean national identification card. It is equivalent to a social security and [...]

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How to use Korea ePost Shipping Service Like a Pro

As you have lived in Korea for a year or more, you have a lot more stuff than when you first came to Korea. If you have a Job where you need to be relocated to different cities or province, it must be very hard to arrange. Here I would love to introduce “Korean ePost [...]

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How to Apostille an FBI Background Check in One Week

How to Apostille an FBI Background Check in One Week UPDATED: 30/01/17 Obtaining Apostille an FBI Background Check can be a lengthy drawn-out process. Especially if you mail your Background Check directly to the US Department of State in Washington D.C. The current processing time for mail in service is 4 weeks or more, depending on [...]

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Residency Certificate | Korvia Guide

A Residency Certificate or Residence Certificate is a document that proves a person is a primary resident of a certain country. In the case of living and working in South Korea, a Residency Certificate can exempt individuals from being double taxed while teaching at a public school in Korea. Which [...]

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Apostille | Korvia Guide

An "Apostille" is a verification seal or page that is attached to a document to certify it for international use. Only state or federal governmental entities can issue apostilles. Apostilles are required in order to submit various documents to teach English in Korea. Apostilles do not have an expiration date. Which documents need to be [...]

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Survival Korean: Useful Phrases for New NETs

So, it’s finally happening. You’ve got your contract in hand, your plane ticket purchased, and you’ve been practicing your polite bow in the mirror for weeks. You’re all set to leave familiarity behind and embrace life as a teacher in Korea. Or almost, anyway. If I could give one piece of advice to new expats, [...]

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How to Teach English Camp in Korea Like a Pro

Just as your excitement grows for the end of teaching a semester, you’re thrown a curveball by the co-teacher. “You need to have a lesson plan for a two-week English camp by next week.” The anticipation dissipates. The clouds darken and that smile turns into confusion. English Camp? This was how I felt when I [...]

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