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How to prepare new EPIK Spring 2021 online application

How to prepare new EPIK Spring 2021 online application EPIK application procedure has been changed and will be processed online only from now on (online application version). For those who are planning to apply for the Spring 2021 term, you must be aware of the information below. 1. EPIK application is now processed on Online [...]

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Information on the Entry Procedures to Korea

As of April 1, the Korean government will implement strengthened procedures regarding the quarantine management of overseas arrivals in South Korea. We ask for your full cooperation; please follow the instructions below. 1. At the Airport (During Check-in) You need to download the "Self-Quarantine Saftey Protection App"               *Short-term [...]

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Important Notice on suspension of re-entry permit exemption for expats in Korea

1.Suspension of Re-Entry Permit Exemption and Application for Re-Entry Permit  ▪ Beginning June 1, 2020, registered aliens who are seeking re-entry into the ROK after departure is required to obtain a Re-Entry Permit in accordance with Article 30 of the Immigration Act, and leaving the Republic of Korea without a Re-Entry Permit will result in cancellation [...]

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Korvia EPIK Pre-Orientation Complete Package

 Be ever more PREPARED with KORVIA for your EPIK Arrival!  $299 for everything, Leave Everything to us! What is "EVERYTHING"? EVERYTHING is a Korvia EPIK Pre-Orientation Complete Package. Among the package,  Accommodation  +  Shuttle  +  Pre-Paid SIM-card  +  Bank Account (Debit Card + Bank Book)  +  Special Tips from Field Experts  +  Welcome Package  +  Big Prizes  + [...]

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Tmark Grand Hotel Myeongdong in Seoul – 티마크그랜드호텔

Korvia EPIK Team has changed the pre-orientation accommodation to new 4-star Tmark Grand Hotel in Seoul!  This change will apply from Spring 2019 starters. Applicants are expected to arrive 2 days before the orientation date. Tmark Grand Hotel Myeongdong Main Building [Tmark Grand Hotel Myeongdong in Seoul] Non-smoking, clean and comfortable Twin bedroom [...]

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Seoul City selected Native English Teacher couple as the Honorary Citizens in Seoul

Today, the Seoul City selected the Seoul honorary Citizens who love and cherish Seoul as much as its Korean resident. We are proud that Korvia teachers have been awarded as the honorary citizens, and this is the first time our couple teacher become the honorary citizens. Benjamin Kostenbader and Monica Cymerman originally applied for EPIK program but now [...]

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Prepaid SIM card in Korea – discount codes

Korvia has teamed up with Kimchi Mobile, and we proudly offer prepaid SIM card service for Native English Teachers. For this offer, 10USD will be off from the original price (29.99USD), and you will be able to pick a prepaid SIM card at one of affiliated SIM card retail centers. With more and more [...]

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All about “Teach English in China” with Korvia

Teach English in China with Korvia China is unprecedentedly making headlines on a daily basis. Mostly promising and groundbreaking. (We know what you are going say but let’s just keep it to ourselves. :-)) And it is happening so fast that it seems almost impossible to keep up. That doesn’t stop us, though. Still, China, [...]

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EPIK Program Selects Korvia as the Official Recruiter for 2018 again

Today, the EPIK Program selected the agencies as official recruiters for the year 2018. We are proud to be the chosen, and this marks the 9th year in a row that Korvia has worked with the EPIK program. First and foremost, though, thank you all our dedicated and hard-working teachers for their support. This [...]

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Why Should You Apply to EPIK with Korvia?

Korvia is now accepting applications for EPIK Fall 2020! The EPIK program is one of the premiere English teaching programs in South Korea. With it’s national scope and direct relationship with offices of education all around South Korea, EPIK is not only one of the most popular ESL programs in the country, but is [...]

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