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How to get a cell phone plan like the local Koreans

UPDATED: 26/01/18 Getting a new cell phone in Korea is one of the most stressful parts of settling in South Korea. Especially if you are an expat just arrived at the airport you might take lots of time get a suitable cell phone and the monthly plan as well. Often Korean local telecom stores [...]

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How to use Korea ePost Shipping Service Like a Pro

As you have lived in Korea for a year or more, you have a lot more stuff than when you first came to Korea. If you have a Job where you need to be relocated to different cities or province, it must be very hard to arrange. Here I would love to introduce “Korean ePost [...]

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Survival Korean: Useful Phrases for New NETs

So, it’s finally happening. You’ve got your contract in hand, your plane ticket purchased, and you’ve been practicing your polite bow in the mirror for weeks. You’re all set to leave familiarity behind and embrace life as a teacher in Korea. Or almost, anyway. If I could give one piece of advice to new expats, [...]

How to Teach English Camp in Korea Like a Pro

Just as your excitement grows for the end of teaching a semester, you’re thrown a curveball by the co-teacher. “You need to have a lesson plan for a two-week English camp by next week.” The anticipation dissipates. The clouds darken and that smile turns into confusion. English Camp? This was how I felt when I [...]

Q&A: Essential Tips for Filing US Taxes from Korea

Every year in March, expat communities in Korea go ablaze with countless English teachers from the US seeking tax advice on how to file their taxes. Both good information and false information gets circulated and while a good number of teachers file their taxes correctly. However a good other portion does not, and another portion often does [...]

Transportation in Korea

One of the best things about Korea is how easy it is to get around the country, let alone your local city. Whether it’s by bus, subway, train, or car, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing your ideal form of transportation in Korea. Transportation Cards If you’re new to Korea, one [...]

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What You Gonna Do With All That Junk: Recycling in Korea

One of my earliest memorable experiences in Korea was an old woman yelling at me after I threw a bag of trash onto a garbage pile. I couldn’t understand what she was saying and had no idea why she was upset. When I told my coworkers the story, we worked out that I hadn’t disposed [...]

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Navigating South Korea’s Spice Factor

South Korean cuisine is notorious for being super spicy. When I first moved here, I felt like I was literally surrounded by spicy food. At the time, I had no idea which options were available to me, so I tried my best to enjoy all the extremely spicy food I ate at restaurants; although, I [...]

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A Newbie’s Guide to Grocery Shopping in Seoul

The first time I experienced culture shock in Korea was when I walked into a Korean grocery store.  I had no idea how different Korean grocery stores would be from grocery stores back in Canada.  I couldn’t believe that there were whole aisles dedicated solely to ramen noodles or instant coffee.  I ventured over to [...]

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