As you have lived in Korea for a year or more, you have a lot more stuff than when you first came to Korea. If you have a Job where you need to be relocated to different cities or province, it must be very hard to arrange. Here I would love to introduce “Korean ePost Shipping Service” to you!

They offer internet order service; English interpret service as well as indoor pickup services as well. So we are sure this would be the best and cheapest way to ship your stuff!

1. Find Big boxes:

Unless you have enough budget to use a moving company which offers packing services, then you can skip this whole process. E-Post shipping accepts the largest parcel volume less than 160cm (50*50*60) and weight less than 30kg. It cost only 9,500 KRW within district, 10,500 KRW to the other district (wherever it will be) per box (considered as you are using the biggest box)

KORVIA PRO TIP: Find E-mart, and get a free box.

E-mart or Homeplus allow you to take empty boxes as much as you want. You don’t have to buy a box however you have to make sure that size limits.

2. Call Post office (1588-1300):

[Korea Post office customer service number]
1588-1300 or 02-2108-9895

They provide English interpret services. You need to know your current address for them to pick them up and address for shipping. Tell them in advance, if you are going to use a credit card. Otherwise, you can pay cash when people came to pick up your stuff.

There is No Same-Day Pickup service, and you have to call them at least a day in advance. But it doesn’t have to be many days in advance. Make sure you are calling them after packing so that you know the numbers and sizes of the boxes that you will send.

KORVIA PRO TIP: Apply your pickup service online.

You can fill out an online application on their website and follow up the guidelines. If you want to order through the internet, you need to join their membership service. But Even they have English website; there is no English page available to join membership service. (Use your chrome page translation)  😉

3. Sit back and wait for the pick up:

Unfortunately, they cannot set the time for pick up. Like other post officer does, they will visit door to door on their cycle. So you don’t know what time exactly they will visit. They work on weekdays 09:00 ~ 18:00, Saturday 09:00 ~ 13:00 though. 

NOTE: They may deny pick up your stuff if one box weights more than 30 Kgs or larger volume than 160 cm items. Also, they don’t pick up items which destroy or contaminate others or fragile items with inadequate packing neither. So Make sure you are packing them the right way and right size.

What’s Next?

Nothing else, just bring your suitcases and travel lightly! If you move within Seoul and Gyeonggi region, Korvia consulting can still offer Call van services so contact your Korvia recruiter today.

For more detailed steps and information, please head over to the Korea E-post Shipping Service page at the Korea Post website.


Featured images courtesy of FreePik 12