Our contributor, vlogger Tonya Bost, has some tips to help you decide which type of school in Korea is best for you–public or private?

I have worked at both public and private schools here in South Korea. Every school has their own rules and regulations, however, in this video I share the main differences between the these two types of schools.

The two main schools you’ll come across when looking for a teaching job in Korea are public schools and private schools (or hagwons in Korean). There are several differences between these types of schools–how much you get paid, the number of hours you must work, and how many students are a class are just a few of the big differences between public and private schools. Some of these differences can have a huge impact on how much you enjoy your teaching job (or want to leave it, if things get bad enough).

Hopefully, this video will help you decide which type of school is best for you. You’ll want your experience in Korea to be wonderful, both in and out of your workplace. Let me know what kind of school you’re interested in by commenting below or on my personal channel, @MsBlackKoreanLady.


Contributor: Tonya Bost

Editor: Atembe Giles

Lead Contributor: Nathalie Calderon