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Tonya is a full time ESL instructor at a middle school in Gangnam and a part-time youtuber. Traveling, Korean skin care, and life as a tall woman living in South Korea are some of the content you can find on her channel. She also has a passion for food and trying new things where ever she travels. She believes that experience is the best way to learn and taking every opportunity to learn something new is a must in her everyday life.

Public Schools vs. Private Schools in Korea

Our contributor, vlogger Tonya Bost, has some tips to help you decide which type of school in Korea is best for you--public or private? I have worked at both public and private schools here in South Korea. Every school has their own rules and regulations, however, in this video I share the main differences between [...]

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Top 3 Korea Travel Groups on Facebook

Our contributor, vlogger Tonya Bost, talks about the top Facebook groups for travel within Korea. You’ve just started a new job in South Korea, and lucky you--a holiday is coming up and you are ready to use each and every day wisely by traveling to a new part of Korea. Unfortunately, you’re not comfortable with [...]

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