What are you waiting for? Now we are accepting EPIK Spring 2020 application. EPIK (English Program in Korea) is a public school English teaching program in Korea sponsored by the Korean government that places teachers into various cities as well as provinces around South Korea.

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Public Schools vs. Private Schools in Korea

Our contributor, vlogger Tonya Bost, has some tips to help you decide which type of school in Korea is best for you--public or private? I have worked at both public and private schools here in South Korea. Every school has their own rules and regulations, however, in this video I share the main differences between [...]

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Walk with Me: Asan City Tour

Vlogger Angela Bost takes you around her city of Asan in Chungcheongnam-do. Do you see YouTube videos about how amazing Seoul is, how beautiful Busan is, how hot and great Daegu is? Have you seen any videos about a city called Asan, in he province of Chungcheongnam? Most likely not. I am here to show [...]

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Cozy Winter Cafe in Seungsu, Seoul!

Our contributor, City Ambassador Arielle Pukanecz, knows all about the coziest cafes in Seoul! What’s the best way to stay warm in winter? A cozy cafe! Many of us are tired of exploring the same neighborhoods over and over again. The super cool neighborhood of Seungsu-dong, located on subway Line 2 in Seoul, is a [...]

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Homesick in Korea and Why You Should Stay Abroad

Our contributor, vlogger Jasmine Turner, gives tips on dealing with homesickness while in Korea. Homesickness can be an overwhelming, consuming feeling. If it is not addressed properly, it can affect your entire outlook on what should be a life-changing experience. I know this feeling all too well. In this video, give my top reasons on [...]

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