How to prepare EPIK Initial Documents – EPIK Spring 2021

Are you preparing EPIK application but have an overwhelming amount of questions that you just can't find the answer to? Check out this webinar video and make sure your initial documents are ready properly. This video is a MUST-SEE for those wanting to make the best EPIK application preparation possible. This webinar covers – EPIK [...]

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Preparing For Your EPIK Interview – EPIK Fall 2020

Are you nervous about your upcoming interview with EPIK? 'Fraid not! We hope through this short webinar, not only will you be better prepared, but you will go into your interview with confidence. This webinar covers When to expect your interviews for the fall intake What you should prepare Tips to go into your interview [...]

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How to prepare EPIK Final Documents – EPIK Fall 2020

EPIK Application Documents (https://www.korvia.com/korvia-epik/ep...) The following documents are required to pass an EPIK interview a particular intake. The final documents must be an original copy and you can't be sent via email to your Korvia recruiter. We hope this webinar will help you to prepare EPIK final documents so you can save time and money. [...]

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See the HD YouTube Video Recording!

Arriving in Korea as an English teacher soon? The Korvia team has put together a special Arrival Webinar just for you! If you are an EPIK, GEPIK, or Academy teacher arriving this fall, then you won't want to miss this! This webinar has already passed. To view the archived recording please click here. This webinar covered such [...]

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Webinar – Private Academies: An Introduction to Hagwons

Ever wondered what it's like to teach at a private academy (hagwon)? Have you read or heard things online? Want more details about working at an academy? Korvia held a live webinar with special guests Ula & Natalie to talk about their experiences at an academy and their tips for incoming teachers interested in teaching at an [...]

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