Interested in teaching English in Korea but have an overwhelming amount of questions that you just can’t seem to find the answer to? Check out the video above where Korvia staff members discuss some of the most popular questions asked by Korvia applicants.

This video is a MUST-SEE for those wanting to make the best educated decision possible on which path to take for their ESL journey in Korea!

Questions included in this video include:

1. What different types of teaching opportunities are there in Korea?

2. What is the difference between EPIK, GEPIK, and SMOE?

3. What exactly is a Hagwon?

4. Can my boyfriend/girlfriend and I live together and teach at the same school?

5. Do I have to be TEFL certified to teach English in Korea?

6. What is the difference between a notarization and an apostille?

7. Can I still teach English in Korea if I am not from one of the 7 native English speaking countries listed?

For more information about teaching English in Korea, make sure to check out the Korvia FAQ as well as each individual program’s “Learn More” pages found in the sitemap. If you have any questions falling outside of the information listed there, please contact the Korvia support team via the contact form found here.

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