Please tell us about yourself

Name: Qadirah Muhammad

Country: American

Age: 22

Major: Psychology, Africana Studies

Name 3 words that describe your personality

Sincere, quick learner, hard-working

What made you come to decide to teach in Korea?

My interest in Korean culture, teaching, and personal growth.

Do you speak Korean?

very, very little!

Please tell us how you prepared your teaching job

What program did you come through and why you decided the program?

I applied to the EPIK program through Korvia. Korvia was the first avenue I came across to apply to EPIK. I decided to stick with Korvia and not apply directly to EPIK because of review which stated that Korvia was a lot of help with the process.

When did you apply and which month did you start to work?

I applied to start working in the August 2019 term but had to wait for the next semester and am currently working in March 2020.

What did you need to apply for the program/school?

About $500-600 dollars for EFL certification, apostilles, criminal record checks, photos, my visa, the shipment of documents to Korea, etc.

What’s the hardest part in your whole application process?

Figuring out how to get a criminal record check in my city. Most places only used digital finger scanning and we were given instructions on how to get a record check using stamped fingerprints. My local police department was initially telling me they only do digital fingerprints but later was able to do stamped prints for me. The whole process was confusing and difficult.

How did your interview go? Do you have any tips?

My interview was great! No problems, no tips,

Was it easy for you to get your work Visa?

It was very easy to get my work Visa. The turn around time was also very fast when using express mail. It was also very expensive.

Name 3 essential and useful things to pack before your departure.

I came in the winter term- Bring only 1 warm winter coat and a light jacket for when the weather begins to warm, 1 professional outfit for orientation, and a bath towel.

Which city did you place? and what is it like?

I am in Daegu. I have not explored the city too much, but I love that I am near a river which has a jogging path on it because I love alone time while jogging in nature. The city is busy, but not too loud and disturbing.

Describe 3 favourite parts in your city.

Cat cafes, the lake, and corner stores everywhere!

What are your monthly expenses?

Housing Utility Fee: Unknown
Transportation: None- I walk
Phone: Unknown
Internet : Unknown
Living expenses: Unknown- I have spent about $600 on items settling into my apartment

Tips for newbie Teachers

Useful teaching sources (website/blog/video/facebook/etc)

Useful living sources (website/blog/video/facebook/etc)

YouTube- TravelingNat, Sisilessthan3, KoreanOllie

Any advice?

Research and watch a lot of Youtube videos of possible items you will need to bring with you in Korea. Also, watch videos of people’s experiences in Korea- it might be a good idea to specifically look at the experiences of people like you (Ex: being a female, Black, EPIK, TALk etc.). Research Phone plan options, banking options, and apps you will need to use before you come. Know the basics of the Korea language so you can communicate important things like directions. Be confident, Korea feels like a safe place!