EPIK Additional Documents

EPIK Additional Documents are documents required to either be eligible for a certain benefit or agree to additional terms. Please ask your recruiter for more information about any of the following documents if you believe you qualify.

For candidates who are married and applying with your spouse, you will need to submit a photocopy of your marriage certificate to secure the joint applicant benefit.
If you have not graduated yet, you must submit a letter from your college’s admissions office that outlines your expected graduation date.
Licensed teachers please submit a photocopy of your Teaching License.
British and Australian citizenships will need to submit an apostilled copy of a birth certificate. A new birth certificate should be requested from their appropriate government office. The certificate must be an original (not a photocopy).

South Africa and Quebec applicants are required to submit proof of schooling to verify that the medium of education was English from the 7th grade (Junior high level) along with initial documentation.