Passport Photos are photos taken that match the standard passport size of 3.5 x 4.5cm in size. There is no official passport photo “certification”, however the term is widely used to refer to a professional looking square photograph that can be physically applied to an application.

How to Obtain

Korvia strongly suggests that applicants use This site allows you to take your own photos in front of a white sheet or wall, and then use the website’s tools to crop it to official proportions and size. You will then be able to save a sheet of the photos to a USB and can then print them at a local pharmacy or drug store for a fraction of the cost it costs to take them at a store.

How Many Do You Need?

It is recommended that you obtain at least 6 photos, as Korea requires them various other applications and services. Passport sized photos are required for completing the all ESL application forms as during the visa issuance process.

Photo and Application Examples

Passport Sized Photo Example
EPIK application photo