A Criminal Background Check also referred to as a Criminal Record Check, is a document used to prove that you have not been convicted of a crime in the past. Korean Immigration requires that expatriates coming to work in South Korea have no criminal background. Those with criminal backgrounds of either felonies or misdemeanors are not eligible to teach English in South Korea.

United States – FBI Identity History Summary Check

In the United States the Identity History Summary Check (previously known as a criminal background check) is handled by the FBI. Korean Immigration does not accept criminal record checks issued by individual states, therefore a federal level check is needed.

Process for US Applicants

Applicants applying for an FBI Criminal Record Check must first go to their local police station and get their fingerprints taken on official finger print paper. After that, applicants will need to submit those fingerprints to the FBI Headquarters in Clarksburg West Virginia along with an application form, payment, and a cover letter explaining that they are applying to teach in South Korea and need the criminal record check for international purposes. The cover letter will allow the section chief that issues the criminal record check to notarize it with their signature.

Applicants will then need to send their CRC for Apostille. Please head over to the Apostille page for more information.

Expedited Service for US Applicants

Applicants applying for an FBI Identity History Summary Check also have the option of using a FBI-approved channeler to obtain their results.