A University Diploma is a requirement by the Korean government to teach English in South Korea. Applicants will need to obtain an apostilled photocopy of their diploma to submit with their Final Documents Package for each program.

University Diploma Requirments

The University Diploma must be obtained from a 3-4 year bachelors degree program at an accredited College or University. University Diplomas obtained from an online university are accepted as long as it an accredited school.

Undergraduates & Individuals Completing their Degree

Those that have not graduated can still apply to the teaching programs in South Korea. You must however obtain a Letter of Intent to Graduate from their university’s admissions office. The letter must be printed on official school letterhead, state your anticipated graduation date, state the expected date that you will receive your diploma, and contain a ink signature by an office official or an official school stamp.

Photocopy, Notorization, & Apostille

Only a photocopy of your diploma is needed and not the original certificate. The photocopy will need to be notorized at a notary public or by a notarization official. To do so, take your original certificate to a notary public and have the notary official make a copy of your diploma. They will then notarize the copy and you will need to fill out a “Sworn Oath” form, where you will write a sentence that says the original document is real and authentic” and then sign your name. Your document may be rejected if your notarization does not include the Sworn Oath form.

After getting the photocopy of the diploma notorized, individuals will need to submit the notorized photocopy to their state’s secretary of state for apostille. Individuals do not need to obtain a federal apostille for this document.