University Transcripts or Student Transcripts are a record of all the classes you took for to obtain your degree (general education and major classes). You can obtain them from your office of registrar or your student affairs office.

Unofficial vs. Official Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are transcripts that can be freely accessed from your university’s online student portal site or are transcripts that are printed but are not sealed by your university. Unofficial transcripts are not accepted by the EPIK and GEPIK programs for university transcript submission.

Official transcripts are transcripts that are ordered (usually you must pay a fee) and sealed by your university. To remain official and acceptable by EPIK & GEPIK they must be sealed. Opening them for any reason will revoke their “official” status.

Those In-Progress of Completing their Degree

If you have not yet graduated, you must obtain your current in-progress official transcripts and submit them with your documents. Once you have graduated you must later order and submit your new official transcripts.

Transfer Students and those that Attended More than School

Students that attended one or more colleges for their degree must submit either an all-inclusive transcripts from their latest university (contains both the grades from the first and second school) or they must submit both official transcripts from their first as well as their second school.