The EPIK Sample Lesson Plan or Demo Lesson Plan is a component of the EPIK application where applicants construct their own lesson outline for a grade level and English subject matter of their choice.

The sample lesson plan is used by EPIK to see the lesson planning and teaching potential for candidates, and if they have prior knowledge of teaching. The sample lesson plan is attached to the EPIK application upon submission.

What Should the Focus of the EPIK Sample Lesson Plan Be?

Applicants are given freedom to create a lesson about whatever they want as long as it involves development of the English language (vocabulary, grammar, etc). Applicants may create the outline of the lesson and may attach supplemental teaching materials such as powerpoint presentations, games, or worksheets. The lesson must be 100% original and contain no previously published material.

EPIK Sample Lesson Plan Requirements

The lesson plan must be a minimum of 2 full pages with a maximum of 5 pages. The 5-page maximum includes all attachments if used. If you have a powerpoint file with multiple slides, they must be rendered out as images and attached to a page. Multiple slides may be contained on one page, or a single slide may fill one page