Letters of Recommendation (sometimes referred to as LORs) are letters written by an employer, supervisor, or past teacher to comment about your working ability.

Who Should I Request a LOR From?

To teach in South Korea, two letters of recommendation are required. The EPIK and GEPIK programs only accept letters that are written from direct supervisors from past or current workplaces or from academic professors at colleges and universities.

What Must My LOR Contain?

Letters of Recommendation must contain certain information and items to be accepted by teaching programs in Korea. Your 2 letters of recommendation must:

  • Be printed on official company or university letterhead
  • The date of its writing
  • The position title of the referee
  • The contact email & phone number of the referee
  • An ink signature by the referee (Cannot be a digital signature)

What if my School or Workplace Will Not Print on their Official Letterhead?

If your referee is unable to print on official letterhead, they are able to submit their business card as proof of company/institute relationship as well as authorship. Obtain the referee’s business card and submit it with the corresponding letter of recommendation.

Submission of Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation are submitted twice during the application process. Digital scanned copies are needed during the Initial Documents stage, and then the physical original copies are submitted with your Final Documents package after securing a position.

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