Be ever more PREPARED with KORVIA for your EPIK Arrival! 

$299 for everything, Leave Everything to us!


EVERYTHING is a Korvia EPIK Pre-Orientation Complete Package.

Among the package,

 Accommodation  Shuttle  +  Pre-Paid SIM-card  +  Bank Account (Debit Card + Bank Book)  Special Tips from Field Experts  Welcome Package  Big Prizes  +  Goodies 


  • 4-star Hotel Accommodation (2 nights in downtown SEOUL – Twin Bedroom)

  • KEB Hana Bank Account (Saving Account & Debit Card)

  • Prepaid SIM-Card (Including 20,000KRW Credit Loaded)

  • Korvia Welcome Package

  • Shuttle to EPIK Orientation Venue

  • Raffle Prizes

This initiative was brought to life to benefit YOU! For your SMART Arrival Preparation!

If you are part of EPIK Spring 2020, you’d better Sign Up Today!

If you are not ready to COMMIT, this list of events will help you solidify your decision.

The following might become a troubling but very likely scenario for you regardless of how thoroughly and carefully you set out your arrival plan ALL ALONE. OTL…..

  • Missing/delayed luggage during immigration & customs

  • Pre-arranged accommodation turned out to be a rip-off or a worst nightmare.

  • No access to basic needs and services

  • No assistance with transportation to the EPIK orientation (Using the train & bus system around Korea is an exhausting task.)

  • No communication service available in English

  • No Internet until you get your ARC (For nearly three weeks!)

  • No banking activity until you get your ARC

  • No connection with your friends or family back home (They will be dying to know if you made it okay or you are still alive!)

If all of this happens only in a matter of days, you would feel like the whole world is turning against you or something. You wish someone would have been there for you. SOMEONE to look out for you. (Then again, it was too  LATE .)

That is why you need THE RIGHT SUPPORT in the right place at the right time. GOOD HELP!

With good help, you can have a good head start and better, a good life in Korea without having to undergo a mixture of adverse feelings right from the start. You will get THE HELP & SUPPORT you need and deserve as long as you stick with KORVIA once again for your big and historic arrival.

OUR OFFER might sound too good to be true but it is TRUE! There is no secret motive. We just want to offer the best we possibly can!

KORVIA can make that happen for you. Why are you waiting for?


 Why do you NEED to WORK with KORVIA on this? 

You can have it all if you sign up for the Korvia Complete Package!

  • WIN a ticket to PRICEY prizes.
  • Receive a KORVIA Welcome Package. 
  • OPEN UP a bank account with renowned  KEB HANA BANK 
  • The debit card with T-Money will be mailed to your school directly FOR FREE.
  • KEB Hana Bank is best known for  OVERSEAS REMITTANCE .
  • Get PRACTICAL & EXCLUSIVE tips from field experts. (Banking, Telecommunications services and meaningful Speeches from Current EPIK Teachers.)
  • Get plenty of REST before your BIG day: EPIK Orientation.
  • Get together with Korvia & fellow EPIK teachers before you even start teaching. (Networking is key to your long-term success in Korea!)
  • Get FREED from  Unnecessary STRESS!  (Take a load off at the Korvia Pre-OT. We have pleasant events planned out just for you!)

Throughout your time here in Korea, your banking service has to be your friend, not your enemy. From the very start, we can help you set off with a most trusted and accessible bank, KEB Hana Bank. (Wherever you go, you can use their service free of charge.)

Setting up a bank account and activating your phone RIGHT UPON ARRIVAL can be a daunting and frustrating experience. Seriously, English can be a barrier to so many things in Korea but you are in great hands. We can help you right from the start. We will have our staff positioned at our Korvia-EPIK Pre-Orientation so that everything can be set up for just your needs. Our team will walk you through everything! (For questions, please get in touch with us.)

You can stay online and connected with your friends and family 24/7 almost like you never left. (Internet & Wifi)

Seoul, Myeongdong has a lot to explore. Shopping, food and entertainment, this is where all you can have. Come early and stay in Myeongdong, Seoul.

A 4-star hotel is located at central Myeongdong, Seoul and staying at one can be a great starting place for exploration & sightseeing. Furthermore, staying at a 4-star hotel at this unbeatable price only through KORVIA. And besides, prior to the week-long EPIK orientation, is it so bad that you want to take some time to rest up and relax? We don’t think so. 2 nights only for $199.00 as part of the Korvia Complete Package. For further information on the hotel, please go to

Flight prices can be varied depending on the location of departure but given the entry allowance worth 1,300,000 won, this is certainly worth considering! To find out more, please send an email to for an estimate.

Your packing for at least a year is going to be huge and only bigger. Travel light. Not in this case! You want your precious and cozy items with you wherever you go. We are not stopping you cause we feel exactly the same about personal stuff. It is just that you don’t want to drag them around all by yourself all the way to the EPIK orientation venue. If you come with Korvia, that would become the least of your concern. We will transport your belongings to your destination, from the T-mark Hotel to the EPIK orientation.)

 What to EXPECT from HERE? 

  •  Sign up Again for the Korvia Complete Package Enrollment. 
  •  Purchase the Korvia Whole Package via PayPal. 
  •  Book your flight through Korvia Partner Travel Agency. 
  •  Attend the Korvia EPIK Pre-Orientation after check-in Hotel. 

We are confident that THIS ONE STOP SYSTEM will allow you the time and space to MAINTAIN your MENTALITY before and after the orientation, for a thriving life that lies ahead. You are very much encouraged to attend our Korvia Pre-Orientation to make the most of the opportunity!

We have an event page on Facebook. Please find and join us!

For general questions, please put them directly to Korvia-EPIK Team.

Thank you!


The more is definitely merrier. You can bring as many friends as you want.

YES! They are all provided for free if you go through KORVIA, unlike the banking system you were used to in your home country.

  • Yes, you can. You can directly contact the representative via E-mail for the estimate.
  • Final prices can change depending on the origin of your departure and local conditions.

Yes, you will stay with another person and we can re-assign your room with your friend upon request. (If you want to share a room with your special friend, please send us a request.)

No, you have to make sure that your cell phone is unlocked before coming to Korea in your home country.

No, breakfast is not included in this package and but you can have it included with extra cost.

No, this is a package deal and you will not have any discount or refund.