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Survival Korean: Useful Phrases for New NETs

So, it’s finally happening. You’ve got your contract in hand, your plane ticket purchased, and you’ve been practicing your polite bow in the mirror for weeks. You’re all set to leave familiarity behind and embrace life as a teacher in Korea. Or almost, anyway. If I could give one piece of advice to new expats, [...]

What to Pack When Moving to Korea… for Girls! (Video)

Nathalie from the YouTube channel TravelingNat stops by to give girls an in-depth tutorial on what to pack before coming to Korea to teach English. Make sure to watch the video above for the full tutorial! -- Packing your whole life to move to another country is already hard, but trying to decipher exactly what you [...]

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How to Teach English Camp in Korea Like a Pro

Just as your excitement grows for the end of teaching a semester, you’re thrown a curveball by the co-teacher. “You need to have a lesson plan for a two-week English camp by next week.” The anticipation dissipates. The clouds darken and that smile turns into confusion. English Camp? This was how I felt when I [...]

Instructions for Teachers Completing their Contract in Korea | Korvia Guide

The end of the year is approaching which means that your current contract completion date may be coming up soon. This means It is time for you to make another decision about the upcoming year. You may decide to leave Korea and begin a new future in your home country or in another, or you [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Jeju Island Beaches

Looking for an escape from the daily grind? Tired of the harsh winters and the scorching summers of South Korea’s mainland? Perhaps you should consider taking the fifty-minute plane ride from Seoul to discover Jeju-Do for yourself. Jeju-Do is a wonderful island with many special qualities that set it apart from the rest of South [...]

E2 Visa | Korvia Guide

The E2 visa is the specific visa for individuals coming to Korea as an English Teacher. The E2 visa is sponsored by educational institutions such as public schools, private academies (hagwons), and at universities. The visa must have prior agreed upon sponsorship by one of those institutions in order to obtain. An E2 visa is [...]

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CELTA Certificate | Korvia Guide

CELTA stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults and is a credential issued by various institutes that are accredited by the University of Cambridge to teach English in foreign countries. The credential is similar in nature to a TEFL or TESOL certificate. A CELTA course generally is comprised of lecture, exams, and practicum. [...]

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