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About Nathalie Calderon

Nathalie is a travel vlogger and international educator who has lived in Korea for the past 3 years. She looks to inspire others to step out of their comfort bubble and explore the world around them.

What to Pack When Moving to Korea… for Girls! (Video)

Nathalie from the YouTube channel TravelingNat stops by to give girls an in-depth tutorial on what to pack before coming to Korea to teach English. Make sure to watch the video above for the full tutorial! -- Packing your whole life to move to another country is already hard, but trying to decipher exactly what you [...]

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Your FAQs About Teaching in Korea Answered | Feat. Traveling Nat (Video)

Nathalie from the YouTube channel TravelingNat stops by to share some of the most frequently asked questions she receives from her viewers about teaching in Korea. Watch the video above to find out if you're questions are included! Becoming a teacher can feel like an extremely long and arduous process. You are bound to have many [...]

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How to Use the Subway Korea Smartphone App

Nathalie from the YouTube channel TravelingNat stops by to educate us on how to use one of the most popular apps for tourists, expats, and native-Koreans alike! Make sure to watch the video above for the full tutorial! -- Utilizing Korea’s advanced subway system makes traveling SUPER easy. Whether you’re visiting from another country or [...]

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Living in Korea: Best Online Stores for Western-sized Clothing

The amazing Nathalie from Traveling Nat stops by to give us her recommendations on the best online sites to buy from if you need larger than Korean sizes. Make sure to check out Nathalie's YouTube channel for more! -- When you come to Korea, you will soon find out that shopping for clothes isn’t as [...]

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5 Things You Should Know BEFORE Moving to Korea [to teach]

Nothing can truly prepare you for moving to another country, especially one with different languages, customs, history, and people. First-time English teachers coming to Korea will have thousands of questions about teaching, housing, life, language, and more. Trust me, I understand exactly how you feel, I mean hey, I was in your position a little [...]

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