The end of the year is approaching which means that your current contract completion date may be coming up soon. This means It is time for you to make another decision about the upcoming year.

You may decide to leave Korea and begin a new future in your home country or in another, or you may be considering to stay in Korea for an additional year. Whatever your plan may be, we at Korvia would like to share with you some useful information to help make the process of completing your contract in Korea easier to understand as well as less stressful.

Teachers in Need of a New Jobs

If you are looking for a new opportunity at a new school, be sure to let your recruiter at Korvia know at least two months prior to the completion of your current contract. This will ensure ample time to get everything necessary completed in order to find a new position.

Update your resume!

Make sure to update your resume with your latest experiences and qualifications. Also it never hurts to make the rest of your application stronger if you’ve developed other skills since.

Contact your recruiter or fill out a new application!

Please contact your recruiter or fill out a new online application through the following link: Korvia Online Application 

By doing this, Korvia can remain up-to-date with your current standings and experience so that we can confidently present you to employers as a strong candidate for their school.

Essential things to do before completing your contract:

1. Fill out the severance pay application
Teacher must apply in order to receive their severance pay. Please request this form from your co-teacher or school administration office. Your severance may not be credited to you until up to a month after the completion of your current contract.

2. Request “Proof of Employment” from your current school
This form allows you to prove to other schools that you have prior full-time teaching experience. Make sure to request this form before you leave your current school.

3. Check that all bills are paid (electricity, telephone, gas, internet, etc)
Make sure you are up to date on all your bills in order to avoid late fees when moving accommodations. Also make sure to set your accounts to close on your move out date. 

4. Obtain your security deposit back
If you were required to pay a security deposit at the beginning of your contract, please inquire with your school on how to get the deposit back.

completing your contract in Korea transfer

Teachers that are Renewing with their Current School

If you are going to renew with your current school… Congratulations! Contract renewal should be confirmed generally at least 2 months prior to the completion date of your current contract. If you are able to renew, your school will provide you with a new contract to review and sign.

Are you on an E2 or F-class visa?

The renewal process with immigration offices in Korea is different for those on different visa types. Look below to find out which scenario describes you and follow that process.

If you are an E2 visa holders you will need to extend your visa. For a detailed guide on what documents are required and how to renew with your current school, please see the official Korvia guide How to Renew With Your Current School.

If you are an F visa holders or have Korean citizenship, you are not required to report your renewal to the immigration office.

Sit Back and Relax!

Renewing is an ideal situation for any teacher in Korea. You can continue to work with fellow faculty members you know as well as make plans for making your next year even bigger and better! We hope you can continue to provide your school and students with a quality native teaching experience!

Instructions for Completing Your Contract in Korea

Teachers that will Return Home

If you plan to complete your contract and then leave Korea to return to your home country (or travel abroad), there are various tasks you will need to complete during your last month.

Administrative work for securing your severance pay, security deposit, and exit allowance can take some time, and may not be able to be paid out until a little after departing Korea. Because of this, you will need to make a transaction plan with your employer.

Korean Bank Account or Home Bank Account?

If your employer plans to transfer the money to your bank account in your home country you will need to provide them with the bank account’s beneficiary’s name and contact information, as well as the bank’s name, headquarters’ address, your account number, and swift code.

If the employer can only transfer money to your Korean account, you will need to leave your Korean bank account open and then transfer the money via remittance online to your US account. Make sure to research this topic fully and inquire with your bank on how it can be done.

Essential things to do before boarding your flight

While a little bit more lengthy than the other processes, obtaining all of the following will ensure a smooth departure:

  • Obtain and complete the severance pay application
  • Request a “Proof of Employment” verification form from your school
  • Purchase your flight ticket home or abroad (that falls within exit allowance contract guidelines)
  • Pay out and close your utilities accounts (electricity, telephone, gas, internet, etc.)
  • Return your medical insurance booklet to your school
  • Return your ARC to the immigration officer at the airport
  • Apply for your pension refund in your town’s pension office or at the airport (if applicable)
  • Obtain your security deposit back from your employer or apartment owner (if applicable)
  • Obtain your severance pay (may be paid out after your departure)
  • Obtain a Reference Letter from your co-teacher or supervisor (if they agree to provide)
  • Obtain a Korean police report in English (for future employers in your home country that may request)

We hope this guide was helpful and useful. If you have any questions about any part of the process, please make sure to discuss it with your Korvia Recruiter. They will be able to happily assist you and answer all of your questions regarding completing your contract in Korea.

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