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As your City Ambassador to Jeju Island, Andrew will be giving you regular updates and insights into much of what is happening in and around South Korea's largest island and southern most province. You can follow Andrew on Tumblr at

Closing Thoughts: My Experience on Jeju Island

Thinking back to life when I was in my early twenties and stateside, I often find myself laughing at how much has changed since then. I regularly remind myself to be incredibly thankful for everything I have here on Jeju Island.   In the summer of 2012, I graduated from Winthrop University in South Carolina [...]

Living on Jeju Island

When I first arrived to Korea in late August 2013, I only had a faint idea of what life would be like living on Jeju Island. For those of you contemplating making the move here, you have probably done your research and have already begun to form a few ideas about the island as well. [...]

Jeju’s Live Music Venues

When one thinks of Jeju Island, a few things immediately come to mind. Some might envision Mt. Halla, the tallest mountain in South Korea, towering high into the clouds. Others may think of Jeju’s female divers (haenyo) swimming off the coast, searching for fresh abalone. Finally, some can imagine the countless groves of orange and [...]

Jeju Black Pork: In a League of Its Own

Eating out in Korea is a wonderful experience that offers patrons many different delicious foods with a wide range of smells, tastes, and temperatures. Korea is known throughout Asia and much of the rest of the world for its delicious local dishes like the hearty yet tender barbecued pork, Korea’s extra spicy and flavorful chicken, [...]

Tapdong: Jeju’s Emerging Indie Art District

Jeju Island is changing. This can be seen in almost every corner of the island as mainlanders and rich Chinese investors continue to develop new businesses, tourism complexes, and residential areas throughout Jeju City and Seogwipo. There has been a great deal of debate amongst native Jejuites over how much the island -- famed for [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Jeju Island Beaches

Looking for an escape from the daily grind? Tired of the harsh winters and the scorching summers of South Korea’s mainland? Perhaps you should consider taking the fifty-minute plane ride from Seoul to discover Jeju-Do for yourself. Jeju-Do is a wonderful island with many special qualities that set it apart from the rest of South [...]