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Solo Travel Tips in Korea and Asia

Our contributor, vlogger Jasmine Turner, has some helpful tips for solo travel around Korea and Asia. Solo traveling seems intimidating at first, but it’s something everyone should try at least once. Who may get hooked! Just imagine: no more trying to gather friends and family for a vacation that always seems to get postponed [...]

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Closing Thoughts: My Experience on Jeju Island

Thinking back to life when I was in my early twenties and stateside, I often find myself laughing at how much has changed since then. I regularly remind myself to be incredibly thankful for everything I have here on Jeju Island.   In the summer of 2012, I graduated from Winthrop University in South Carolina [...]

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What English Teachers in Korea Want for Christmas

The following article was written by contributing writer Michael Smit and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Korvia Consulting or its partners. -- It turns out Santa Claus is real. Who knew? I ran into him at Starbucks in Gangnam. I asked Santa if I could take a selfie with him, but [...]

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Returning to Korea: Same Place, New Goals

You’ve taught there before and now you’re thinking about returning to Korea, but you feel like it would be taking a step backwards. I know what it’s like. I took that step, and I’m happy I did. A lot of people back home didn’t understand why I was going to Korea again. If you go [...]

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What You Gonna Do With All That Junk: Recycling in Korea

One of my earliest memorable experiences in Korea was an old woman yelling at me after I threw a bag of trash onto a garbage pile. I couldn’t understand what she was saying and had no idea why she was upset. When I told my coworkers the story, we worked out that I hadn’t disposed [...]

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