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Jasmine Turner is an American living in Daegu, South Korea. While she is currently working as an English teacher, she also runs JasmineTTV; a Youtube vlog where she documents life after quitting her job & all the experiences that come along with it. She has embarked on a journey to follow her purpose and passions. She is determined to spread positivity, help others feel “un-stuck”, and discover business opportunities wherever she can. If you’ve been feeling stuck or unmotivated, check out her Youtube today for a quick pick-me-up & entertainment.

Homesick in Korea and Why You Should Stay Abroad

Our contributor, vlogger Jasmine Turner, gives tips on dealing with homesickness while in Korea. Homesickness can be an overwhelming, consuming feeling. If it is not addressed properly, it can affect your entire outlook on what should be a life-changing experience. I know this feeling all too well. In this video, give my top reasons on [...]

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Solo Travel Tips in Korea and Asia

Our contributor, vlogger Jasmine Turner, has some helpful tips for solo travel around Korea and Asia. Solo traveling seems intimidating at first, but it’s something everyone should try at least once. Who knows...you may get hooked! Just imagine: no more trying to gather friends and family for a vacation that always seems to get postponed [...]

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