The lovely Jasmin Lazo from the YouTube channel MesmiL gives four ways for staying in shape in Korea. From paid options to things that are totally free, if you enjoy maintaining a healthy life, make sure to watch the video above!

I will admit that I am a very lazy human. I dislike walking and getting sweaty. There comes a time when too much junk food and no exercise takes a toll on your body. Follow me as I explore different options to staying fit in Korea!

1) Get A Gym Membership

55,000 won a month?! I know Planet Fitness back home is only 20 bucks a month, but that’s probably as cheap as it’s going to get when it comes to memberships. If you live in or just a little bit out of Seoul, you are bound to run into a gym within a couple minutes. If you are considering getting a membership, but are still unsure, worry not! You can always get a one day pass for about 5,000-10,000 won and decide later! Some gyms offer free classes with your membership that include aerobics and toning!

2) Take Martial Arts Lessons

There are many martial arts hagwons you can attend to stay in shape. There is a Tae-Kwon-Do course that is taught in English called “Taeglish.” (Get it? 😀 ) I run into those hagwons all the time in my neighborhood and can guarantee that if you look at a building with many private institutions, you will find a martial arts school. I know many teachers who took Taeglish classes for about 100,000 won a month! Speaking about hagwons: If you know some Korean, there are also swimming lessons you can take!

3) Consider Taking Long Walks With A Furry Baby

This option is actually a bit difficult, but very possible depending on your apartment and school rules. If you are financially capable of raising a dog and are ready for a long term commitment, then adopting a dog is a great way to help you stay in shape. Do your research before adopting an animal to pick one that can be raised in an apartment. Remember that these furry babies need attention and time. They might get super bored in the apartment and need constant walking! Also, consider the time you will be in Korea and know that if you are leaving within a year, travel arrangements must be made for your pets!

4) Work Out for Free!

This one is definitely a fun one! Within a couple minutes of your apartment, you will probably find some outdoor work out machines or a park. I see people use them all the time at any time of the day. If you are not embarrassed to work out in public, this option will be the best for you. After all, it’s free! If you research well and find a big park, you will find basketball,volleyball, and maybe even an in-line skating rink!

Don’t leave out the option of HIKING in your area! You will see many people in their hiking gear here in Korea all the time! There are plenty of mountains to hike and they also have cool parks with lots of recreational activity options! Visit this website for more information! Hiking In Korea


I hope these little tips to staying fit will help you here in Korea! I might consider getting a gym membership once I figure out how to use the machinery. Let us know how you are staying fit in Korea!