About Jasmin

Jasmin is a 22 year old English teacher living in Osan. She has experienced both living as an exchange student and English teacher in Korea and loves to make fun videos about her experiences. She hopes you can all walk with her during her journey in Korea! For more from Jasmin, be sure to check out her YouTube Channel MesmiLJas!

Mistakes I Made as a Teacher in Korea (Video)

Mesmi from the YouTube channel MesmiLJas stops by Korvia.com to share some of the mistakes she made as a teacher in Korea, and what she learned from them. Make sure to watch the video above for the full tutorial! -- Are you nervous about your first year as an English teacher? Worry not! Here are a couple of [...]

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Exploring Yongin Folk Village

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Korean culture, but didn’t want to travel all the way to the museums in Seoul? If you are living in the Gyeonggi province, there is an amazing place where you can learn all about Korean history. The Yongin Folk Village is located in Yongin city and is one [...]

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Staying Fit in Korea

The lovely Jasmin Lazo from the YouTube channel MesmiL gives Korvia.com four ways for staying in shape in Korea. From paid options to things that are totally free, if you enjoy maintaining a healthy life, make sure to watch the video above! -- I will admit that I am a very lazy human. I dislike walking [...]

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Tips for Staying Cool in Korea

As many of us teachers have experienced, many schools don't turn on their air conditioners in the summer for many different reasons. This often leaves us sweaty, stinky, and in a bad mood. Here are 5 items that will save your life at home or in an office with no air conditioner. USB-powered Desk Fans [...]

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