How to prepare new EPIK Spring 2021 online application

EPIK application procedure has been changed and will be processed online only from now on (online application version). For those who are planning to apply for the Spring 2021 term, you must be aware of the information below.

1. EPIK application is now processed on Online

The online application must be completed through the link provided on the ‘Apply Now’ section of the website. You have to create an account to start the application.
You must be precise since you can submit only one application per term (Multiple submissions will not be considered). Also, you will not be able to modify your application once you submit it.


2. Things to be careful when you fill in the application

– Professional Photo
You must upload a passport-sized photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm) which is from the shoulders up and facing forward. The background should be a solid color and you may wear glasses as long as they are clear lens glasses necessary for sight correction (Sunglasses, hats, scarves, etc X). Personal photos such as those from Facebook or other social media sites will not be
accepted. You may smile to give a good impression. For more information please visit the Passport Photo Guide.

– Sample Lesson Plan
The length of a lesson plan is limited to 2 pages and should be uploaded in .jpg or PDF format (You may use PPT sample and convert it / You can only upload 1 file). For more information please visit the Sample Lesson Plan Guide.

– Personal Essay
A personal essay consists of three parts and should be between 250-300 words for each section. The essay must address three topics: Why you wish to teach in Korea, your teaching philosophy, and how you will deal with cultural differences/shock. For more information please visit the Personal Essay Guide.

– Tattoo Photos
Photos of all tattoos and photos showing the method to keep the tattoos covered must be submitted (You can only upload 1 file).


3. Letters of Recommendation

EPIK requires two letters of recommendation from academic professors or previous/current employers regarding your work ethic and abilities. The letters of recommendation must be uploaded in PDF format (Scans are acceptable). If the letter of recommendation requires multiple pages, separate it by combining the pages into a single PDF file or creating a ZIP file (The original and ink-signed hard copies will also need to be submitted following a successful interview only).
The required contents and format for the letters are very specific so please pay careful attention to the requirements outlined below:

– Letters must be on letterhead OR the referee’s business card must be attached (Scan of the business card should be submitted as a PDF file zipped with the letter of a recommendation PDF file(s)).

– Letters must be signed. Digital signatures will be accepted for the initial application only (Following a successful interview, the originals with real, pen-to-paper ink-signature will need to be submitted).

For more information please visit the Letters of Recommendation Guide.


4. Sign Up For TEFL

To apply for the EPIK, you have to be TEFL certified. Holding a TEFL certification also enables you to have a high possibility of being eligible for higher salary levels than those who do not. So sign up for TEFL now and get a certification.


5. Current Contract End Date Page (for those currently working in Korea)

To confirm an applicant’s current contract end date and to best be able to handle the needs of each applicant, we require the scanned contract end date page of your current employment contract (Only a scan of the page(s) showing the contract end date is needed).


6. Proof of English Education

If matching one of the categories listed below, applicants will be required to submit proof of English education. The proof of English education must be uploaded in PDF format. If multiple pages are required, you may combine the pages into one single, properly aligned PDF file OR submit a ZIP file with multiple PDF pages for each of the pages necessary.

– For Korean Citizens
– For South Africa/Quebec, etc. Applicants
– For Those Who Attended Schools outside the Designated Countries


* For applicants applying through Korvia Consulting,  please consult directly with our professionals before starting your application.

* Please don’t forget to select “Classification” as Agency / Korvia Consulting when you are completing EPIK online application form (Korvia team can’t access and review your application if you fail to select the correct classification).

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