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This is how Korvia throws a Party in Itaewon in 2018

Spring is a great time of year in Korea. The trees bloom, the school year starts, new teachers arrive, and Korvia throws one of its parties. Korvia throws about two parties a year, one in the spring and another in the fall. Korvia started the tradition since November 1st, 2006 when they hosted their first [...]

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Public Schools vs. Private Schools in Korea

Our contributor, vlogger Tonya Bost, has some tips to help you decide which type of school in Korea is best for you--public or private? I have worked at both public and private schools here in South Korea. Every school has their own rules and regulations, however, in this video I share the main differences between [...]

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Korvia Fall 2016 Programs

Korvia is now accepting applications for public schools, private schools, private academies as well as public language institutions for the Fall 2016 semester. While the majority of placements will occur in the month of September, Korvia will also have positions available from August all the way to December. The following programs and positions are now [...]

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Pros and Cons of Teaching Kindergarten in South Korea

Most English teaching jobs in South Korea are at private kindergarten academies. For many new teachers, their first year of teaching will be at one of these academies. Teaching small children can be a daunting prospect for many first time teachers with no prior experience working with children. However, if you love children and have [...]

6 Reasons Why You Should Teach at an Academy in Korea

Private academies are commercial businesses designed to give students an edge in various school subjects. With the demand for English education reaching new heights all across Asia, Korea is by far the frontrunner for out-of-school commercial education. Because of this, academies all across the country are hiring thousands of native English teachers to provide students [...]

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Korvia Partners with EIE Korea University

Korvia has partnered with EIE Korea University (Excellence in English) Academy to enhance its network and create a new standard for private institute teachers. Korvia hopes the relationship will be the start of of a new standard for the quality of education for private academies. “We’re excited to get the chance to work with one [...]

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