The amazing Nathalie from Traveling Nat stops by to give us her recommendations on the best online sites to buy from if you need larger than Korean sizes. Make sure to check out Nathalie’s YouTube channel for more!

When you come to Korea, you will soon find out that shopping for clothes isn’t as easy as you thought it to be. The medium-sized top you purchase will fit more like an extra small. That super cute dress won’t even zip up, and those jeans? “HA!” Talk about low riders!

Asian sizing will definitely throw you off during your shopping escapades, but don’t worry! You can still find cute clothes that will fit you. Online shopping is the way to go if you are looking for clothes that will fit how you want them to fit.

I’ve scoured the web for online retailers that:

1) Has decent pricing
2) Sells western-sized clothing
3) Offers international shipping to Korea

My list is just scraping the surface of the many online retailers that you can buy from, but these offer the best stylish clothes for men women and plus size in my opinion.

Watch the video above for all the details!